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Dear passengers!

Up/down communication channel is a resource designed for quick and efficient response to your questions, suggestions or comments as well as for quick communication with the services of JSC AK "RusLine". We kindly ask you to fill the form in as fully and correctly as possible.

"RusLine" reserves the right to leave your application without response in case of:

  • Message is in a conflict with the Legislation of The Russian Federation;
  • Offending message;
  • Message does not refer to RusLine's operations;
  • Complain-message made in breach of the service's requirements.
Please note that Web site contains the following information:

Flight schedule
Change tickets and Refund tickets
Rules of carriage

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*Pay attention that processing time for requests that do not include claims and complaints can take up to 3 days from the date of request submission. Consideration terms of appeals containing complaints and claims can be found in the section "Filing claims".

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