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500-thousand passenger in 2018

500-thousand passenger in 2018

Today at Vnukovo International Airport there was an awarding ceremony for the 500-thousand passenger of «RusLine» Aviation Company. Sergey Valuyskiy received this prize, as he was the passenger on the flight 7R-165 to Belgorod.

The jubilee passenger was greeted at the check-in desk by the representatives of «RusLine» Aviation Company and Vnukovo Airport. Deputy general director for commerce of Vnukovo International Airport Anton Kusnetsov and Deputy general director for production of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Steblin congratulated Sergey Valuyskiy and presented him souvenirs and a certificate for one free flight to any direction of «RusLine» Aviation Company.

«It is remarkable that every year we check in our 500-thousand passenger earlier. This time one month earlier that previous year. I congratulate my collegues and representatives of Vnukovo Airport and I am grateful to our passengers for choosing our aviation company», says Deputy general director for production of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Steblin.

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