Additional flights from Izhevsk to Moscow

Additional flights from Izhevsk to Moscow

«RusLine» Aviation Company offers additional flights from Izhevsk to Moscow (Vnukovo) and thus increases the number of flights up to two times a day. Time en route is about two hours. The ticket price is 3399 RUB.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-139 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Izhevsk Mo-Fr15:40 18:30 до 29.03.19
7R-139 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Izhevsk Su 16:2019:10 до 24.03.19
7R-140 Izhevsk - Moscow (Vnukovo) Mo-Fr19:20 20:20 до 29.03.19
7R-140 Izhevsk - Moscow (Vnukovo) Su20:00 21:00 до 24.03.19
7R-143 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Izhevsk Mo-Fr 09:30 12:20до 29.03.19
7R-144 Izhevsk - Moscow (Vnukovo) Mo-Fr13:10 14:10 до 29.03.19

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