Development of the route network together with "Armenia" Aviation Company

Development of the route network together with "Armenia" Aviation Company

"RusLine" Aviation Company has concluded a code-sharing agreement with "Armenia" Aviation Company on a common usage of some routes. According to this agreement "RusLine" broadens its route network with the route of "Armenia". Thus, "RusLine" has now two new directions for affordable prices: Mineralniye Vody - Yerevan from 6540 RUB, Voronezh - Yerevan from 8060 RUB for a one-way ticket. “RusLine” is a partner aviation company on these routes, this means that it sells tickets for the flights with its own codes, whereas "Armenia" is an operator and factual air carrier. Therefore, the air carriage on the flights is operated according the actual transportation rules of "Armenia" Aviation Company.

Time en route from Mineralniye Vody to Svartnoz is about one hour, from Voronezh it is about 2 h 10 mins.

The flights are operated with comfortable new liners Boeing 737-500.

"We are developing our route network and we are aimed to fulfill the needs of our passengers in high-quality aviation services. So we have concluded an agreement with “Armenia” Aviation Company. This agreement will allow our passengers to fly without stop-overs on new routes from Voronezh and Mineralniye Vody to Yerevan and back", says Commercial Director of “RusLine” Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-4743 Yerevan - Mineralniye Vody Tu, Th11:20 11:15 18.12.2018-28.03.2019
7R-4744 Mineralniye Vody - Yerevan Tu, Th12:15 14:15 18.12.2018-28.03.2019







7R-4747 Yerevan - Voronezh Fr05:00 06:10 14.12.2018-29.03.2019
7R-4747 Yerevan - Voronezh Su13:20 14:30 16.12.2018-24.03.2019
7R-4747 Yerevan - Voronezh Sa20:30 21:40 29.12.2018-29.12.2018
7R-4748 Voronezh - Yerevan Fr07:10 10:20 14.12.2018-29.03.2019
7R-4748 Voronezh - Yerevan Su15:30 18:40 16.12.2018-24.03.2019
7R-4748 Voronezh - Yerevan Sa22:40 01:50 29.12.2018-29.12.2018

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