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Extra flights on the direction Kirov - Moscow

Extra flights on the direction Kirov - Moscow

Extra flights on the direction Kirov - Moscow

From May 18, «RusLine» Aviation Company has launched additional flights on the direction Moscow - Kirov. In addition to the flights on Tuesday and Friday, there are two more flights on Wednesday and Sunday. Thus, Kirov citizens will be able to fly to Moscow four times a week until September. Time en route is 1 hour 45 minutes. The price for a one-way ticket starts from 4550 rubles.

«Kirov - Moscow direction has become really popular among residents of Kirov region. In this regard, the Aviation Company has seen the need to increase the frequency of flights. This will enable Kirov citizens to choose the most convenient time to travel to the capital,» says Deputy Director General for Commerce of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov ПН 13:00 14:35 до 26.09.22
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov ЧТ 13:00 14:35 до 29.09.22
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov ПН, ЧТ 11:4013:15 01.10.22-27.10.22
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov СР08:40 10:15
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov СР 09:4511:20 01.06.22-28.09.22
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov ВС 11:40 13:15 22.05.22-29.05.22
7R-145 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kirov ВС 11:35 13:10 05.06.22-25.09.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) ВТ 13:55 15:40 до 27.09.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) ПН, ЧТ18:40 20:25 01.10.22-27.10.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) СР 10:55 12:40 18.05.22-25.05.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) СР 12:15 14:00 01.06.22-28.09.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) ПТ 12:50 14:35до 30.09.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) ВС13:55 15:40 22.05.22-29.05.22
7R-146 Kirov - Moscow (Vnukovo) ВС 13:50 15:30 05.06.22-25.09.22

Sales are open. Tickets are available on the website, as well as at all air ticket counters.

Photo by Maxim Ivanov.

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