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Flight renewal from Tambov to three regions from May 16

Flight renewal from Tambov to three regions from May 16

 Flight renewal from Tambov to three regions from May 16

From May 16, «RusLine» Aviation Company starts to operate flights from Tambov again. These will be to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, Flights to Moscow will be operated five times a week (on weekdays), to Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg - twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

«We are pleased to resume air traffic from the Tambov region after the lifting of restrictions on the closure of air traffic over its territory. Thanks to this, Tambov citizens will be able to take direct flights to three cities in Russia, each of them is attractive and interesting in its own way. The schedule is designed in such a way that it is convenient to go both on business trips and on tourist visits. In addition, air ticket prices will surely please our passengers. The price for a one-way ticket to Moscow starts from 2000 RUB, to Yekaterinburg from 3500 RUB and to Saint Petersburg from 3600 RUB», says Deputy Director General for Commerce of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-193 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Tambov Mo07:40 08:45 16.05.22-26.09.22
R-193 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Tambov Tu, Th07:40 08:45 17.05.22-29.09.22
7R-193 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Tambov Tambov Fr15:10 16:20 20.05.22-30.09.22
7R-193 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Tambov We15:10 16:2018.05.22-28.09.22
7R-194 Tambov - Moscow (Vnukovo) Mo09:30 10:40 16.05.22-26.09.22
7R-194 Tambov - Moscow (Vnukovo) Tu10:30 11:40 17.05.22-27.09.22
7R-194 Tambov - Moscow (Vnukovo) Th10:30 11:40 19.05.22-29.09.22
7R-194 Tambov - Moscow (Vnukovo) Fr17:00 18:10 20.05.22-30.09.22
7R-194 Tambov - Moscow (Vnukovo) We17:00 18:10 18.05.22-28.09.22>
7R-812 Saint Petersburg - Tambov Tu, Th12:30 14:20 24.05.22-29.09.22
7R-811 Tambov - Saint Petersburg Tu, Th09:50 11:45 24.05.22-29.09.22
7R-811 Yekaterinburg - Tambov Tu, Th08:45 09:10 24.05.22-29.09.22
7R-812 Tambov - Yekaterinburg Tu, Th15:00 19:10 24.05.22-29.09.22

Sales are open. Tickets are available on the website, as well as at all air ticket counters.

Photo by Geneva Nefedova (@jeneva66).

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