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Flights from Tambov to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol

Flights from Tambov to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol

Flights from Tambov to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol

«RusLine» Aviation Company has opened ticket sale for the flights from Tambov. In summer, Tambov citizens will be able to fly on holiday to three Black Sea resorts, to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol. Flights will be operated with comfortable Canadian 50-seat airplanes Bombardier CRJ-100/200, starting from June 2021. Moreover, the Aviation Company offers flights from Tambov to Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.

«RusLine» Aviation Company always offers its passengers from Central Russia flights to southern regions of the country in summer season. This year is not an exception. This year, Tambov citizens can take direct flights to Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol. Furthermore, there are also flights to Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Saint Petersburg from this city. The last direction is especially popular for both who travel on business and on holiday», says Deputy Director General for Commerce of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days

Flight period

7R-291 Saint Petersburg - Tambov We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-292 Tambov - Saint Petersburg We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-811 Yekaterinburg - Tambov We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-811 Tambov - Krasnodar We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-812 Krasnodar - Tambov We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-812 Tambov - Yekaterinburg We, Sa31.03.21-30.10.21
7R-493 Sochi - Tambov Th, Sa03.06.21-30.09.21
7R-494 Tambov - Sochi We, Sa 02.06.21-29.09.21
7R-707 Anapa - Tambov We, Sa 02.06.21-29.09.21
7R-708 Tambov - Anapa Th, Sa03.06.21-30.09.21
7R-937 Tambov - Simferopol We, Th, Sa02.06.21-30.09.21
7R-938 Simferopol - Tambov We, Th, Sa02.06.21-30.09.21

Sales are open. Tickets are available at all air ticket counters, as well as on the website www.rusline.aero .

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