From Kaluga to Moscow (Vnukovo) and to Simferopol!

From Kaluga to Moscow (Vnukovo) and to Simferopol!

The route network of Aviation Company «RusLine» is widened by two new routes Kaluga - Moscow (Vnukovo) and Kaluga - Simferopol.

The flights within both directions will be operated from July, 24 2018 two times a week. Time en route to Moscow is 40 min, to Simferopol is 2 h 20 min.


«Our Aviation Company has started with operating charter flights from Kaluga this year, but we are interested in developing our regular route network. The region is very perspective, people are travelling more often and their traffic is increasing up to 5% every year. «RusLine» offers an interesting and competitive product - direct flights with modern airplanes for favourable prices. We are offering now two new directions. The flight Moscow (Vnukovo) - Kaluga is suitable for business trips: you can fly to work in the morning and come back in the evening. Only 40 minutes en route and no traffic congestions. We hope that the flight Kaluga - Simferopol will be popular for comfortable family journeys. The flights will be operated until late September, so you can easily have holidays even during the warm autumn days. The affordability of the direct flight to Simferopol, as well as of transfer flight Moscow - Kaluga - Simferopol for special fares and with a comfortable linking makes these flights attractive even for citizens of other regions», - so Alexander Krutov, commercial director of Aviation Company «RusLine».

Timetable (local time):



Departure days

Departure time

Landing time

Flight period

7R-117 Vnukovo (Moscow) - Kaluga
Tu, Th
7R-118 Kaluga - Vnukovo (Moscow)
Tu, Th
7R-917 Kaluga - Simferopol
Tu, Th
10:40 13:00 24.07.18-27.09.18
7R-918 Simferopol - Kaluga
Tu, Th
13:50 16:15 24.07.18-27.09.18

Ph - Irina Ponomareva.

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