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Info-tours to Nenets Autonomous Area from Russian regions

Info-tours to Nenets Autonomous Area from Russian regions

Info-tours to Nenets Autonomous Area from Russian regions

«RusLine» Aviation Company and Joint Stock Company «Business Development Centre of Nenets Autonomous Area» are arranging info-tours to increase touristic potential of the region among touristic agencies from other Russian regions. The first informational tour to Naryan-Mar was held in the beginning of August for a group of tour operators from Chelyabinsk region.

During the tour, the participants learned the facilities of Nenets Autonomous Area, the main sights of the region, recreation centres and hotels for tourists, as well as the nature of this polar region, culture and life of Nenets citizens.

«Joint Stock Company «Business Development Centre of Nenets Autonomous Area» is thanking «RusLine» Aviation Company for showing their initiative in attracting the group of tour operators with the aim of tourism popularisation in Nenets Autonomous Area and getting the representatives of Nenets Autonomous Area acquainted with such cities as Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and later Ufa. With the help of such initiatives, tourists from other regions may learn more about culture and traditions of the Nenets, try national cuisine, like dishes from fish and deer meat, go fishing or hunting above the Arctic Cercle. And the Nenets citizens can in turn get to know architecture and museums of Ural cities or spend their weekend in a ski resort. Cooperation of our region with «RusLine» Aviation Company offers new opportunities for increasing the number of tourists, thus, for developing local entrepreneurship», says Acting Deputy Director of Joint Stock Company «Business Development Centre of Nenets Autonomous Area» Elena Ermolina.

«From the beginning of the year, we are developing our route network and join the Nenets Autonomous Area with other cities with direct flights. Direct flights of «RusLine» Aviation Company, on the one hand, provide more mobility for citizens of polar regions, on the other hand, develop tourism in this wonderful Area. Our special offers and fares are aimed at popularisation of fishing and hunting in that region. We are planning to join the Nenets Autonomous Area with our regions further», says Commercial Director of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

From January, 2019 «RusLine» Aviation Company is broadening its route network from Naryan-Mar, and today there are direct flights from Naryan-Mar to Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, as well as transfer flights to Moscow with the link in Kirov. In July, 2019 «RusLine» Aviation Company launched ticket sale on the flights to Naryan-Mar from Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg at special fares:

    • For fishermen and hunters. Minimal price for the tickets without baggage starts from 1 500 RUB, with baggage from 2 000 RUB. An essential condition for fare application is transportation of fishing and hunting equipment of allowed size. Passengers may take 1 folded fishing rod in a case not longer than 200 cm and 1 set of fishing tackle, 1 weapon, e.g. 1 rifle in a case and ammunition;
    • Weekend fare. The price for a return ticket is from 5 600 RUB;
    • Fares for teenagers, retirees and families from 2 500 RUB. Tickets at special fares may be issued for retirees (women up to 55 y.o., men up to 60 y.o.), families from 3 to 6 members under condition of having kinship documents and teenagers from 12 to 23 y.o.

All initiatives are aimed at development of touristic flow to regions that have direct flights of the Aviation Company.

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