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New flight Yekaterinburg - Kasan - Arkhangelsk

New flight Yekaterinburg - Kasan - Arkhangelsk

New flight Yekaterinburg - Kasan - Arkhangelsk

From the middle of May, «RusLine» Aviation Company has been offering a new flight on the direction Yekaterinburg - Kasan - Arkhangelsk. The flights are operated with comfortable 50-seat Canadian airplanes Bombardier CRJ100/200 twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Time en route is 4 hours 30 minutes. A single ticket and end-to-end baggage check-in from the departure airport to the final destination will make the trip as affordable and comfortable as possible.

«Following its long-term strategy, «RusLine» continues to connect regions across Russia. So, in the spring-summer schedule, the Aviation Company has started to operate flights from Yekaterinburg to Arkhangelsk with a short transit in Kazan. We have tried to make flexible and affordable fares that will allow passengers to conveniently get from Koltsovo to Arkhangelsk region until the end of September. I am sure that the flights will be demanded», says Deputy Director General for Commerce of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Flight stage

Departure days



Flight period

7R-215 Yekaterinburg - Kasan - Arkhangelsk Yekaterinburg - Kasan Mo, Th08:2007:55 16.05.22-29.09.22
Kasan - Arkhangelsk Mo, Th08:4010:55
7R-216 Arkhangelsk - Kasan - Yekaterinburg Arkhangelsk - Kasan Tu, Fr17:1519:35 17.05.22-30.09.22
Kasan - Yekaterinburg Tu, Fr20:2023:45

Sales are open. Tickets are available on the website, as well as at all air ticket counters.

Photo by Sergey Malykh (@sergesson)

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