New flights on the route Voronezh - Simferopol

New flights on the route Voronezh - Simferopol

From June 10, 2018 Aviation Company «RusLine» offers new flights from Voronezh to Simferopol and back. The flights will be operated up to two times a week.

Time en route is 2 hours.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-921 Voronezh - Simferopol Sa 07:10 09:10 09.06.18-25.08.18
7R-921 Voronezh - Simferopol Su16:00 18:00 10.06.18-26.08.18
7R-922 Simferopol - Voronezh Sa10:10 12:10 09.06.18-25.08.18
7R-922 Simferopol - Voronezh Su19:05 21:20 10.06.18-26.08.18


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