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«RusLine» connects the Crimea and Naryan-Mar

«RusLine» connects the Crimea and Naryan-Mar

«RusLine» connects the Crimea and Naryan-Mar

«RusLine» will connect the Crimea and the Nenets Autonomous Area with flights for the first time in history. The flights will be operated with 50-seat Canadian airplanes Bombardier CRJ-100/200. The flights will start from June 4 and will last until August 28.

Flights are scheduled with a frequency of once a week: on Saturdays from Naryan-Mar to the Crimea, and on Sundays - in the opposite direction. The aircraft will cover a distance of about 2,700 km in 6 hours, including a short technical landing in Kirov.

In the spring and summer season, «RusLine» Aviation Company will also launch direct flights to the Crimea and back from Kaluga and Tambov from June 1, and from Kursk on June 4. Flights from Kursk and Tambov will be operated twice a week, and from Kaluga once a week. Flights to these destinations will be operated until the end of September.

Flights to and from the Crimea from Naryan-Mar and Tambov will be operated within the program of subsidising regional air transportation.

Photo by Anton Pedko

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