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Summer flight schedule from Yoshkar-Ola

Summer flight schedule from Yoshkar-Ola

Summer flight schedule from Yoshkar-Ola

As part of the summer schedule, «RusLine» Aviation Company is continuing to operate flights from Yoshkar-Ola to Moscow with a frequency of four times a week and Saint Petersburg with departures up to three times a week. Flights will be carried out until October 27, 2023 inclusive with comfortable 50-seat Canadian airplanes Bombardier CRJ100/200. Time en route to Vnukovo will be 1 hour 35 minutes, to Pulkovo - 2 hours 15 minutes. The price for a one-way ticket in the following directions: Yoshkar-Ola - Moscow - from 5.285 rubles, Yoshkar-Ola - Saint Petersburg - from 6.123 rubles (including all aviation company charges, agency service charges are possible, the number of seats is limited).

«In the summer season, we are happy to continue connecting Yoshkar-Ola with Moscow and Saint Petersburg with direct flights. The schedule is designed in such a way that it is convenient for residents of the Republic of Mariy El to go to these cities both on business trips and on vacation. Destinations are in high demand, so we recommend booking flight tickets in advance,» says Deputy Director General for Commerce of «RusLine» Aviation Company Alexander Krutov.

Timetable (local time):



Departure days



Flight period

7R-195 Moscow (Vnukovo) - Yoshkar-Ola Tu17:05 18:35 until 24.10.23
We17:40 19:05 until 27.09.23
We11:30 13:00 04.10.23-25.10.23
Fr 17:40 19:05 until 29.09.23
Fr 16:55 18:25 06.10.23-27.10.23
Su 12:20 13:45 until 22.10.23
7R-196 Йошкар-Ола - Москва (Внуково) Tu19:20 20:55 until 24.10.23
We 19:50 21:25 until 27.09.23
We 19:40 21:15 04.10.23-25.10.23
Fr 19:50 21:25 until 29.09.23
Fr 19:10 20:45 06.10.23-27.10.23
Su 21:35 23:10 until 22.10.23
7R-289 Санкт-Петербург - Йошкар-Ола We 16:55 18:50 04.10.23-25.10.23
Tu 13:15 15:05 until 28.09.23
Su 18:55 20:50 until 22.10.23
7R-290 Йошкар-Ола - Санкт-Петербург We 13:45 16:05 04.10.23-25.10.23
Tu 15:50 17:55 until 28.09.23
Su 14:30 16:45 until 22.10.23

Tickets are available on the website, as well as at all air ticket counters.

Photo by Yevgenia Serebrennikova (@jane_silver)

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