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«Rusline Airlines» – one of the largest domestic Airlines in the Russian Federation, operates both scheduled and charter flights. The principal activity of the airline is to restart future-oriented routes between the destinations of the Russian Federation and also between Russia and neighboring countries. The main idea is to deliver passengers from small towns in the Russian Federation to air hubs on medium-haul aircraft.


    • Started charter flights;


    • Air Operator Certificate was issued;
    • Started scheduled flights on ЯК-40, ЯК-42, ТУ-134 – economy class only Started VIP carriage on ЯК-42, ТУ-134;


    • «Russian wings-2005» award winner in nomination «Business Aviation»;


    • The first operator of Canadian aircrafts Bombardier CRJ-100/200;


    • Launched the program of long-term domestic flights strategy;
    • Launched a program of systematic development of routs from Domodedovo airport;
    • Established the wholly-owned subsidiary «Rusline Technic» for Rusline’s Aircraft Maintenance;


    • Started flights from Volgograd;
    • Changed the base airport for Domodedovo;
    • Launched the unique Pilot Project – «Domestic Aviation» in cooperation with Koltsovo airport (started flights to Novyi Urengoi, Tomsk, Barnaul, Nadym, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Mineralny Vody;
    • Bought-out of controlling interest in Airline Support Sweden A.B. – the Swiden company performing Aircraft maintenance;


    • «Golden chariot »award winner in nomination «The Best Domestic Air Company»;
    • «Russian wings-2010» Diploma winner in nomination «Airliner of the Year – Domestic Carrier»;
    • Fleet replenishment with Embraer-120;
    • Started flights on Embraer-120 to Magnitogorsk in cooperation with Koltsovo airport;
    • Established the wholly-owned subsidiary «FAST» to the effect that provides the logistic service both inside Rusline and third party;
    • Equity investment «Sirius Aero»( business aviation);
    • «FAST» became a separate legal entity with corporate existence in order to improve the service of sourcing and distribution of spare parts among Russian airlines as well as Newly Independent States airlines;


    • Fleet replenishment with Airbus A 319;
    • «Russian wings-2111» award winner in nomination « Airliner of the Year – Domestic Carrier»;
    • Fleet replenishment with new one Airbus A 319;
    • Started own web-site;
    • Won a tender for operating between Petrozavodsk and Moscow, Ivanovo and Moscow, Ivanovo and St.Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Moscow, Yaroslavl and St.Petersburg;
    • The company’s management went into the special Group under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation works to develop domestic flights;
    • Launched the project of domestic flights from Pulkovo airport;


    • Started domestic flights in the framework of regional transport subsidy program, approved by Government of the Russian Federation;
    • Won a tender for operating 22 flights in the framework of regional transport subsidy program, approved by Government of the Russian Federation;
    • «Russian wings-2010» diploma winner in nomination «Airliner of the Year – Domestic Carrier –group 4»;
    • LED TOGETHER by Pulkovo airport award winner in nomination «The Best Domestic Airline of the Year»;


    • Started two lines of aircraft maintenance in Riga city;
    • Started aircraft maintenance of Hawker BAE-125, Boeing 737CL, Challenger 601, 604, 605;
    • «Russian wings-2113» award winner in nomination « Airliner of the Year – Domestic Carrier»;
    • LED TOGETHER by Pulkovo airport award winner in nomination «The Best Domestic Airline of the Year»;


    • Launched the operation project for flights from Tyumen and from Rostov-on-Don going to start in 2016;
    • Winner of the annual award held by Voronezh Airport in the category «Leader of regional routes»;
    • LED TOGETHER by Pulkovo airport award winner in nomination «The Best Domestic Airline of the Year»;
    • Started flights from Domodedovo to Europe;
    • Web-site update;


    • Started flights from Tyumen and from Rostov-on-Don;
    • Route network expansion from Yekaterinburg;
    • Started flights from Domodedovo and from Pulkovo to European cities: Vilnius, Oslo, Palanga;
    • Started new booking system;
    • Started updated web-site. Mobile application development;
    • Started the official mobile application – «Rusline».


    • New flights to Europe were started, from Domodedovo (to Leipzig and Riga), from Pulkovo (to Bergen, Palanga and Tallinn) and from Kaliningrad (to Berlin and Prague);
    • Flights to Turkey were started from Krasnodar (to Samsun);
    • New regional flight directions were introduced, from Tambov and Kursk to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Anapa;
    • Flights were started from Sheremetyevo Airport to Kirov, Lipetsk and Pensa (with the same flights from Domodedovo Airport);
    • New services were introduced, «Choose a seat on board» and «A free seat nearby» in all regions of the route network, «Web check-in for seats in the front rows»;
    • A contract was signed with HOTELS.COM (hotel booking service) for representation of its logos on the fuselage of Bombardier CRJ-100, hull number VQ-BVK;
    • The most punctual air carrier in the II category among partner companies of Domodedovo Airport (according to the monthly ranking «Just in Time» in aping-summer season 2017);
    • The winner of the annual award of Voronezh Airport in the category «The Leader of Regional Routes».
    • o The winner of «Russian Wings-2017» Award in the category «Internal Flights in the 3rd Group» (up to 0.7 million passengers in the year 2017) and Prize-winner in the category «Air carriage on regional and local routes».


    • Change of base airport in Moscow from Domodedovo to Vnukovo;
    • Leader in the monthly held punctuality contest of Kasan International Airport in March 2018 among aviation companies, partners of the airport, that operate up to 50 flights per month;
    • Board magazine of the Aviation Company takes the first place in the annual national contest «Best Corporate Media-2018» in the category «Debut of the year»;
    • New directions from Koltsovo Airport to Syktyvkar (Komi Republic), Noyabrsk (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area), Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan), Nadym (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area), Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area) and Beloyarskiy (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area); Nizhnekamsk - Mineralniye Vody, Lipetsk - Krasnodar, to Simferopol from Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk, Lipetsk, Saratov and Tambov; to Moscow from Nyagan, Saratov, Kaluga; Saint Petersburg - Saratov, Kursk - Mineralniye Vody, Nizhnekamsk - Nizhniy Novgorod - Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg - Barnaul;
    • Conclusion of code-sharing and interline agreements with Utair, according to which passengers can use linking flights of two aviation companies at more than 700 routes;
    • «RusLine» was announced to be the one of the most punctual aviation companies of 2018 that operate flights from Koltsovo Airport;
    • Winner of the annual award of Voronezh Airport in the category «Leader of regional routes» in the year 2018;
    • Winner of «Russian Wings-2018» Award in the category «Domestic flights in the Group 3»;
    • Introduction of additional service «Business Lounge» at Vnukovo and Begishevo Airports;
    • Introduction of online-service «Seat choice on board»;
    • Launch of sale on board together market leader in producing nutrition for air passengers «Aeromar»;
    • Launch of a special programme for passenger who travel regularly by plane - «Business travel card»;
    • Broadening of the route network together with «Armenia» Aviation Company within a code-sharing agreement, according to which there are flights available on the directions Mineralniye Vody - Yerevan, Voronezh - Yerevan.


    • Launch of new flights from Naryan-Mar to Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Chelyabinsk; from Kaliningrad to Voronezh, Belgorod and Lipetsk; from Saransk to Yekaterinburg, Mineralniye Vody, Moscow and Sochi; from Krasnoyarsk to Beloyarskiy, Noviy Urengoy, Noyabrsk and Nadym; from Bryansk to Moscow, Anapa, Kasan, Simferopol and Mineralniye Vody; from Kaluga to Anapa and Kasan; from Yaroslavl to Sochi and Simferopol; Yekaterinburg - Gorno-Altaysk, Voronezh - Anapa, Yoshkar-Ola - Moscow;
    • Board magazine «RusLine Time» takes the first place in the annual national contest «Best Corporate Media-2019» in the category «The best entertainment media of the year»;
    • Launch of «Flight Aware» service with full information about the flight within 24 hours before the flight;
    • Prize-winners in a professional contest within IV International Forum SkyService 2019 – the flight attendants crew takes the second place;
    • Yekaterina Rossiyskaya wins the viewers’ select award in the first international beauty contest Sky Lady 2019;
    • Launch of preferential tickets for military men;
    • Winner of the «List of punctual Aviation Companies» award held by International Vnukovo Airport in autumn-winter season 2018-2019 in the category «The most dynamic development of the regional route network»;
    • Introduction of new uniform for flight attendants;
    • Introduction of new hand luggage and baggage transportation rules, as well as of new fares for buying additional hand luggage and baggage pieces;
    • Winner of the Eurasian award in the field of aviation marketing in 2019 in the category «Aviation Company of the year» in Group C within Eurasian forum for route network development – NETWORK;
    • IOSA certification;
    • Victory in the category «For development of regional flights» within the Award of International Vnukovo Airport according to the results of spring-summer season 2019;
    • Launch of a new service for passengers, «Callback from the website», for getting prompt information on the flight.


    • Launch of new flights from Yoshkar-Ola to Saint Petersburg, from Yekaterinburg to Nizhnevartovsk, from Saransk to Saint Petersburg, from Syktyvkar to Arkhangelsk, Krasnodar, Samara, Kaliningrad, Naryan-Mar and Yekaterinburg, from Tambov to Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg, from Voronezh to Tyumen, from Naryan-Mar to Krasnodar, from Kaliningrad to Petrozavodsk and Pskov, from Murmansk to Petrozavodsk, from Pskov to Anapa, from Yekaterinburg to Ufa and Samara;
    • Broadening of route network within M2 project (programme of transfer flights VKO Connect) with three directions - Kasan, Mineralniye Vody and Naryan-Mar;
    • Launch of a travel blog in Russia on the website;
    • Certification on membership in International Air Transport Association (IATA);
    • Launch of a new service for ticket purchase on credit and in instalments on the website;
    • Award in the category «Regional development. Aviation company of the year - Group 2» for air carriers with ridership 0,4 - 1 million passengers on domestic flights according to the results of year 2019 within «Russian Wings 2019» Award;
    • Leadership based on the results of monthly punctuality ranking of Kasan International Airport among partner aviation companies in April with frequency rate of 100%;
    • Implementation of mobile solution for selling additional services at the airport together with «Sirena» Company.
    • Development of children’s tourism in cooperation with the National Union of the Hospitality Industry;
    • Obtaining the status of the «Wings of the event» of the EXPOTRAVEL-2020 International Tourism Exhibition;
    • ВIntroduction of a new service: «Registration prolongation»;
    • Participation in Digital Aviation & Travel Forum;
    • Introduction of a new service «Flexible exchange/refund»;
    • Participation in the International Youth movement «Friendship Volunteers» as a partner.


    • Introduction of new flights from Krasnodar to Arkhangelsk, Tambov, Yekaterinburg and Kasan; from Lipetsk to Saint Petersburg; from Voronezh to Gelendzhik; from Kursk to Sochi, Anapa; from Bryansk to Gelendzhik; from Yekaterinburg to Kaluga, Voronezh, Tambov, Beloyarskiy, Kasan, Cheboksary, Kirov, Nyagan and Naryan-Mar; from Yaroslavl to Saint Petersburg and Anapa; from Kirov to Ufa, Kaluga, Kaliningrad, Sochi and Yekaterinburg; from Yoshkar-Ola to Sochi; from Vorkuta to Moscow; from Cheboksary to Yekaterinburg and Anapa; from Kaliningrad to Bryansk; from Nalchik to Sochi; from Mineralniye Vody to Petrozavodsk; from Kurgan to Saint Petersburg;
    • Release of a creative calendar about healthy lifestyle and inner transformation;
    • Signing of an agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism with the Administration of Kursk region and RusTour.online tourist service within the framework of the «INTOURMARKET-2021» International Tourism Exhibition;
    • Holding an annual campaign of gratitude in honour of Victory Day;
    • Receiving an award in the category «Airline of the year - Passenger transportation, Group 3» for air carriers with passenger traffic of up to 0,5 million people by the end of 2020 as a part of the «Wings of Russia» Award;
    • Participation in the «Avia-lady 2021» contest in honour of the 80th anniversary of Vnukovo Airport;
    • Participation in the 20th jubilee Korenskaya Fair in Kursk;
    • The first female aircraft commander in the aircraft CL-600-2B19;
    • Gratitude from Gelendzhik Airport for a significant contribution to the growth of passenger traffic;
    • Transportation of the 100.000th passenger of Kursk Airport and 300.000th passenger of Kirov Airport on the flights of the Aviation Company;
    • Transportation of the 500.000th passenger of the Aviation Company from the beginning of the year.
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