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Booking and Ticketing Policy

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RusLine Aviation Company 7R/362
Booking and Ticketing Policy

1. Main rules

    • 1.1. Booking, ticketing, refund and exchange as well as discounts application shall be performed in strict accordance with Fare Rules.
    • 1.2. The agent shall not establish “ТIME LIMIT” in PNR in violation of booking rules.
    • 1.3. Creation of fictitious or test bookings or multiple bookings without further ticketing is prohibited.
    • 1.4. Transfer flight shall be booked in one PNR with due account for minimum connecting time.
    • 1.5. Ticketing without Carrier’s approval of special services requirement (SSR), that requires mandatory approval, is prohibited.
    • 1.6. Due to a technical feature of the aircraft CRJ 100/200 transportation of infants without a seat (INF) is limited. Carrier manually confirms INF requests.

2. Creation of PNR

    • 2.1. The full name, surname, given name, the type and number of passport of passenger must be used in the PNR name element and they have to be inserted exactly in the same format as in the legal travel document (passport).
    • 2.2. The passenger’s contact number in PNR is mandatory.
    • 2.3. Name changes are not permitted.

3. Reissue/Revalidation

    • 3.1. Voluntary refund shall be performed in accordance with fare rules.
    • 3.2. Penalty charge must be collected on CP tax.
    • 3.3. In case of fare combination, each segment should be changed/refunded in accordance with fare rules of fare applied.
    • 3.4. Decrease of fare is not permitted.
    • 3.5. YR is the Carrier’s tax. In case of voluntary exchange YR tax is charged again.
    • 3.6. In case of exchange difference between old and new fare/ taxes and fees must be re-priced using exchange rate in effect on the date of ticket reissuance.
    • 3.7. Revalidation of a ticket shall not be performed without written approval of the airline.

4. Refund/Voiding

    • 4.1. Voluntary refund shall be performed via GDS. Penalty charge must be collected on CP tax.
    • 4.2. YR tax is refundable only in case of involuntary refund, in other cases it is non-refundable.
    • 4.3. Involuntary refund shall be performed via GDS in case of flight cancellations and delays.
    • 4.4. Refunds that require providing medical certificates and other documents, and also can’t be performed via GDS due to technical failure shall be performed in BSPLink by means of Refund Application.
    • 4.5. In case of passenger’s cancellation, the booking shall be canceled on the day the information was received from the passenger. After the departure the seats, which were not cancelled, cannot be refunded (except Y, Z-class bookings).
    • 4.6. Ticket shall be voided not later than within one hour of issuance on the day of departure or for the flight with departure date the next day.

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