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The procedure for working with the media

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You may apply in free format for:

    • General information and fleet;
    • Stock photos;
    • New destinations.

Registered «RusLine» form shall be completed for any other requests. The form shall be signed by editor-in-charge and addressed to CEO Gorodilov A.


    • Point the main subject;
    • Make a list of questions;
    • Provide contacts of the editors and reporters.
Statutory period for response – 3 days.
Send your request to e-mail: o.burdeyko@rusline.aero

A query response will be sent in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal Law "On mass media").
Airline reserves the right leave the request unanswered in case of it contains National Security Information, commercial classified information or any other security information.
Statutory period for denial notice is 2 days and it will be sent to media representative.

To sign up for a newsletter of «RusLine» send a request to pr@rusline.aero . Point a name of Media and contacts in your request.

For your convenience on an open source website:

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