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General rules for web check-in

You can check in for a flight if:

    • you have an e-ticket;
    • You are taking regular flights from airports equipped with “RusLine” check-in system;
    • You do not belong to the following categories of people, such as seriously ill people, passengers on stretchers, passengers with hearing or vision impairment, disabled passengers or in need of oxygen equipment, under-aged passengers, including children and unaccompanied children, passengers with animals, pregnant women.

General rules:

    • Please check the gate number of your flight on the information desk on arrival at the airport.
    • If you have only hand luggage, you may head straight to the Customs and Boarding zone.
    • If you have baggage, you have to check it in at the registration desk of your flight at the airport. Baggage check-in time is out within 50 minutes before the take-off (see baggage transportation rules and excess baggage).
    • If you travel in a group of 9+ people, consult any manager at the check-in desk at the airport.
    • Estimate your arrival time to the airport, so as you can pass all obligatory pre-flight formalities on time, and for international flights also boundary and customs formalities. Boarding time ends within 25 minutes before the take-off.
    • ◦ If you had no chance to print out your boarding pass, address to any check-in desk of your flight at the airport or to a representative of «RusLine» Aviation Company not later than 50 minutes before the take-off.

Additional services, available during web check-in

During the web check-in you can buy the following additional services for extra price:

    • «Seat choice» service: 3ab, 4abcd-7abcd, 9abcd-12abcd.*
    • «Choice of a comfortable seat» service: 8abcd (the row with the broadened space between the seats).*
    • Additional (excess) baggage for extra price.
    • Business hall PRIORITY PASS for passengers flying from «Vnukovo» Airport.

* There are some restrictions for buying these services.

You can learn more how to buy additional services in the section Instruction on web check-in for the flight. Further information on conditions of buying the services you can learn more in the section "Additional services".

Check-in at the airport

Check-in time at the airport begins from 3 till 1.5 hours before the flight. It depends on the airport or on the flight, whether it is local or international. To check in at the airport the passenger must give a check-in agent their pass or other document used for the ticket purchase.

Check-in time ends within 40 minutes before the flight. Estimate your arrival time to the airport.

Check-in at the self check-in desks

Check-in at the self check-in desks is available at the airports of Belgorod, Krasnodar, Sochi, Ufa. You can choose any favorable seat and print your boarding pass. But if you have luggage, you have to check it in at the check-in desk. There is an extra check-in desk at some airports for such passengers, where only luggage is being checked in. Please pay attention that luggage chec-in time ends within 40 minutes before the flight.

Web check-in rules

Web check-out rules

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