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Attention! The passenger has to inform the Carrier about his\her refusal prior to the flight. Otherwise, it can be a reason for refusing to refund/change the ticket. Exception is urgent hospitalization on departure day supporting with all necessary documents.

You may cancel your booking at any time by contacting Call-centre:
8-800-5555-800 (free of charge).

Grounds for involuntary exchange/refund tickets

The passenger has the right to refuse the flight according to the procedure prescribed by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation (In accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations p.227):

    • flight delay (changing the time of departure of more than 60 min);
    • flight cancellation or change the time\date of departure (changes in one of the legs are the basis for involuntary refund for the next leg made in the same booking);
    • rerouting on Carrier’s initiative;
    • oversold flight on the appropriate date;
    • absence of the appropriate class of service on board of the aircraft;
    • failure end-to-end connection on multi-points flight;
    • delay due to prolonged security procedures at the airport. If any banned substances or objects were not discovered in the act of personal passenger inspection or in the passenger’s baggage\hand luggage (with authorized report at hand);
    • Carrier’s unilateral termination of the contract on an air carriage (except in cases of unruly behavior of the passenger on board the aircraft);
    • Disease of the passenger or a family member traveling together with him\her, or death of a family member or of a close relative, which are confirmed by medical records.

      Family members are: spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children); for close relatives - grandparents and grandchildren, full and not full-blood brothers and sisters. In case of death of the passenger a forced refund will be made to the advantage of relatives on the basis of the certificate of inheritance.

    • The passenger’s refusal of the flight can be considered as an involuntary also in other cases (it is considered individually with application and all necessary supporting documents).

Ticket refund is made within the time specified in applicable fare.

Pregnancy is not a disease; involuntary refusal of carriage due to the presence of the certificate of pregnancy without the consent of the Carrier is prohibited.

Terms and regulations for involuntary refund due to medical reasons.

Involuntary refund due to medical reasons is provided with one of the following supporting document:

    • Medical record on the clinic's letterhead, indicating the nature of the disease and the stamp «for sickness certificate»;
    • A copy of «sickness certificate» certified with stamp and signature (also can be got at a airport’s first-aid post);
    • Ambulance report;
    • Abstract of medical record certified with stamp and signature.

All the above mentioned documents (excepting ambulance report) shall be issued to comply with:

    • Clear readable text with the name of the medical centre where the document was issued;
    • Medical centre details (address, contacts);
    • Clear readable position and name of the person who issued the document;
    • Date of the refundable ticket coincides with the contraindications to carriage;
    • proven diagnosis;
    • Minimum two stamps on the document: doctor’s (consulting or senior) and centre’s.

Attention! Agent, performing the refund, has to send a copy of supporting documents to to@rusline.aeroon the same day.

Submission of documents for registration of an involuntary refund of tickets

The following documents shall be sent to vozvrat@rusline.aeroto make an involuntary refund:

    • Application for refund from the passenger in a free form with the ticket number and description of the situation for consideration by the airline;
    • copy of document used for ticket issuing;
    • colored copies of supporting documents (ex.gr. death certificate), document confirming the family ties and certificate of birth, name change document etc., (depends on the purpose of refund);

We try to consider all the circumstances and specific nature of your situation. We try to respect the passengers’ interests in each case. But the failure or refusal to submit the necessary documents will be the basis to deny the ticket refund.