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If you cannot come for the plane on time or for some reasons do not fly, please check out at least 50 minutes before the take-off.

You can check out as follows:

    • Address the call center of Aviation company «RusLine» by toll free number 8-809-505-46-69 (The price for a call is 64-68 RUB/min incl. VAT, depending on the telecommunication operator, including waiting time and talk time with the operator);
    • Address the representative of Aviation Company «RusLine» at the airport;
    • Address the administrator of the check-in desk at the airport;
    • Check out on your own on the website of the Aviation company.

To check out online a passenger has to do the following:

Search for the passenger

Picture 1 – example of a passenger search.

Click the «To check-in» button. (Pic. 2).

Picture 2 — Results of a passenger search.

Check out from the flight

In the opened window press the «Cancel» button (Pic. 3).

Picture 3 - Check-in cancellation.

You will see a new window (Pic. 4), where you have to confirm your action by clicking the "Confirm web check-in cancellation" button.

Picture 4 - check-out confirmation.

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Total: 99 rub.

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