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Rules of air ticket exchange

You can change your ticket only if it is allowed by fare rules of your ticket.

There are two ways to exchange your ticket:

    • Voluntary exchange - upon passenger’s request. This action needs to be paid for;
    • Forced exchange - free of charge. You can learn more about the conditions of forced air ticket exchange here.

General rules of air ticket exchange

You can exchange your ticket at the Call centre of our Company* by he following means:

    • Call us by phone at 8 (800) 555-58-00 (free for the Russian Federation) or +7 (495) 933-23-33
    • Fill in an application form in your personal profile (you can learn more on the page «Ticket exchange in the Personal profile»;
    • Send an application to the e-mail address in a free form stating the air ticket number and the needed exchange parameters (departure date and time).

You can also exchange your ticket at the cash desks of the Aviation Company or at the agency where you have bought the air ticket.

After processing your request we will count the price of changes and agree on it with you. Afterwards you will receive a link on your e-mail that you have written while booking or sending an exchange application. By following this link you can pay for the order by your bank card.

It is important that the price of ticket exchange is not guaranteed until you pay for the bill.

In case when there are no seats by the time when you make your payment, the ticket price will be changed.

If there are free seats for your flight and you have paid the needed fees, we will change your ticket. There are the following fees needed to be taken into account:

    • Booking system fee;
    • Aviation Company fees;
    • Surcharge for a higher fare (in case there are no seats left in the prior booking class);
    • Service fee for reissuing your tickets (when contacting our Call centre, the price will be 1000 RUB per ticket).

In some cases the ticket exchange is more expensive than ticket refund and purchase of a new one. We Kindly recommend you to compare all possible variants before making the last decision.

- Call center services are delivered by LLC «INNA TOUR» - the General Agent of «RusLine» Aviation Company. If you contact the Center, you indisputably agree with using and processing your personal data, incl. by the third parties.

Air ticket exchange in the Personal profile

You can only change your tickets in the Personal profile, if you have bought them via the website of «RusLine» Aviation Company.

1. Go to your Personal profile:

    • By following the link you received while making an order on our website;
    • On the main page of the website press «Check order» and enter search parameters with the data received by issuing the ticket.

2. Follow the link to the «Ticket exchange» page.

    • In the field «Desired changes» enter the description of the needed exchange.
    • In the section «Contact details» change data, if needed.
    • Press «Make an enquiry» button.
    • Refresh your browser.

3. Fees payment.

    • A manager from the Call center will contact you to agree on additional payment for the exchange.
    • You will receive on your e-mail address the link to pay for the fees with your bank card.
    • After paying for the fees wait for the new itinerary receipt to be sent on your e-mail address stated in your application.

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