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Baggage and hand lugggage

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What is free baggage allowance?

Free baggage allowance means the registered baggage up to 30 kg issued by PC system, that a passenger may fly with according to their class of service and its application conditions.

Number of baggage pieces and their weight allowed to be carried for free is stated in the itinerary receipt (e-ticket) of the passenger. If there is 1KM, then a passenger may take only one baggage piece up to 20 kg.

Further information in the section Baggage transportation.

According to the fare rules, we have 20 kg free baggage allowance. If we are flying with the family, is it allowed to group our baggage?

Grouping concerns only free baggage allowance. If you group your free baggage pieces according to their weight and/or size, then one piece may not exceed 30 kg and/or 203 cm (L*W*H). The Number of all grouped baggage pieces may not exceed the sum of allowed free baggage pieces stated in the tickets of all passengers.

I have bought a ticket with 1 free baggage piece (20 kg). How much extra baggage may I take?

If the weight and the number of baggage pieces exceed the set allowance, the passenger has to pay additionally for excess baggage according to the fares listed in the section Excess and oversized baggage. . You can find out the price for carrying excess baggage by calling our Helpdesk and Booking service at 8 800 5555 800, for international calls at +7 (495) 933-23-33.

What is free hand luggage allowance?

Free hand luggage allowance varies from 5 to 10 kg according to the chosen fare. You can find free hand luggage allowance for different fares in the section "Fares and conditions".

Which items may I take on board in excess of the hand luggage allowance?

The Rules provide the carrier with the opportunity to establish the maximum weight and dimensions of hand luggage that allow it to be safely placed in the cabin of the aircraft, while at the same time providing the passenger with the right to carry other items listed in paragraph 135 of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAP-82) as hand luggage without charging an additional fee, including:

    • backpack, the weight and dimensions of which are established by the rules of the carrier - the size does not exceed 40x30x20 cm and the weight is not more than 5 kg; or a handbag, or a briefcase with things stored in a backpack, or a bag, or a briefcase;
    • bouquet of flowers;
    • outerwear;
    • baby food for a child during the flight;
    • one suit in a garment bag;

Further information in the section Carry-on items and hand luggage.

May I carry any medicine?

There are no restrictions for carrying any types of medicine on domestic flights in Russia. Any amount of medicine can be carried in the baggage. A limited amount of medicine can be taken on board for personal needs during the flight. In case there is over 100 ml liquid medicine in a container, a signed prescription from attending physician or summary from medical history is required. Medicine must be in their original packaging.

If the medicine requires certain conditions of storage or transportation in a special container with ice or a cold battery, prescription from attending physician or medicinal product label is required.

What are the terms for carrying sports equipment and musical instruments?

The carriage of sports equipment and different devices must by agreed with the Aviation Company. You can find further information on transportation conditions of sports equipment and musical instruments.

What are the terms for carrying weapons on board?

Carriage of weapons and ammunition shall be accepted only with the prior consent of the Aviation Company and only as a checked baggage. There is a limit of 5 pieces on a flight.
All passengers intending to travel with firearms or ammunition must ensure they have the required documentation and licenses. You can find further information on the rules of Weapons and ammunition carriage here.

What should I do if my baggage gets damaged or lost?

If your baggage is damaged or absent in the baggage claim area upon your arrival, please contact «Lost and Found» service. You should fill in a registered form (PIR- property irregularity report). In case of damage of the baggage or its contents or loss of some contents, a written claim must be sent to the Aviation Company within 7 days after baggage claim.

What are the time limits for baggage search?

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation baggage should be searched for within 21 days. If the baggage has not been found within 21 days of the date of submission of an application for non-receipt of baggage, the passenger may claim the Aviation Company for compensation.

I left my personal belongings on board. Who should I appeal to?

If you left your personal belongings or hand luggage on board, you should go to the Unclaimed baggage room at the airport. All unclaimed personal belongings found on board are stored there.

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