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Ticket issuance

How to make Booking on-line?

Follow the Instruction to make Booking on-line.

How to enter First name and Surname when booking?

Enter your First Name and Surname in the same way as in your Russian passport, National passport or International passport, which is used for ticket issuance and to be presented at passport and custom control.

How to enter data of Certificate of birth?

Follow the rule to enter data of Certificate of birth:
Enter Roman symbols in capital letters;
Enter Cyrillic scripts in capital letters;
Enter digits with NO spaces;

What is electronic ticket?

As a result of on-line booking you get an e-ticket.
E-ticket is a new form of air ticket instead of paper ticket. The contract of air carriage is certified by the e-ticket.

The process of booking is still the same, but all details about the flight are kept in electronic database. E-ticket is accessible to be purchased both on web-site and in sales offices.

What is itinerary receipt?

The itinerary receipt is a confirmation your ticket is purchased. When booking on-line the passenger receives itinerary receipt on e-mail.
When booking in sales office the passenger gets a paper itinerary receipt.
All details about your flight appear in an itinerary receipt: destination, flight number, departure and arrival time, passenger’s data.

In what lies the difference of e-ticket?

There are some advantages of e-ticket:

  • E-ticket can be self- purchased on-line and be paid immediately by bankcard.
    The passenger uses the self-service to choose the flight, compare the Fares of different airlines to be aware of their terms and conditions.
  • Internet access is the only stipulation for purchasing e-ticket. You purchase the ticket for your friends or relatives and only inform them about flight details and the airport of departure.
  • Paper ticket copy must be issued in event of ticket loss or damage. E-ticket cannot be lost, damaged or left behind considering that it is kept in electronic database.

How to check-in with e-ticket?

Virtual record of flight coupons is transmitted and uploaded to airport check-in system. Agent will find your data in the system immediately you have presented the document used for ticket issuance.
You do not need to have itinerary receipt for check-in but it might become necessary to reconfirm all flight details specified in.

When you need the itinerary receipt?

The itinerary receipt might be required:

  • To present at security point at the entrance of the airport.
  • To confirm your back flight at immigration control on officer’s request upon arrival to foreign country.
  • To report purposes of uses of money to the enterprise your company accounting.
  • To refresh flight details.

Which documents you need for booking?

Any of documents of identification listed below:
  • Russian passport
  • International passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Official service passport
  • Seafarer's identity document
  • Certificate of birth for children under 14 years old.
  • Certificate of Authorization of deputies to the State Duma
  • Officer's identification certificate (officer, warrant officer, midshipman)
  • Military ID card/book for soldiers, sailor, conscript junior ratings
  • Certificate of release for persons released from institutions, which carry out punishment in the form of imprisonment
  • Identification certificate for convict who got a permission on outside leave
  • Temporary ID instead of damaged or lost one
  • National passport
  • Permanent resident card

The passenger is held fully liable for familiarize yourself in good time of the specific immigration regulations of your destination country flying from\over\to (required travel documents, customs regulations, currency, health care and other necessary legal formalities).

In accordance with airline’s requirements, the passenger may be not accepted for carriage in case of unformed proper documents.

Which documents can confirm the flight?

When booking successfully paid passenger receives following documents on e-mail:

  • Itinerary receipt.
  • Receipt confirming paid taxes.
  • Receipt confirming the withdrawal of money from your bankcard.

If you pay through the payment system of "Euroset", "Svyaznoy", “Qiwi”, please keep a receipt.

These documents confirm your purchasing of ticket.

You will get a boarding pass at check-in. it confirms your flight. Issuing a copy of boarding pass is not available. You should keep the boarding pass!

To report purposes of uses of money to the enterprise your company accounting you need to present Itinerary receipt, Receipt confirming paid taxes and boarding pass. In case you lost the boarding pass, please address to Airline to get a summary information about the flight.

Which time is indicated in an e-ticket?

Local time of departure point as well as arrival point is indicated in an e-ticket.

May I make a pre-booking and pay for it later?

You may purchase a ticket or make a booking on Home page in section “Air tickets” on our web-site. There is a time-limit for each booking, in the course of which the booking should be bought out. Otherwise, the flight segments will be automatically canceled.

Is it safe to pay for a ticket on the web-site?

You will be redirected to the web-site of LLC “International processing systems” to confirm the payment transaction. Data communications security is provided with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0.Data interchange is protected in the closed networks, which have the highest protection degree audited by PCI DSS. Data collection, record, classification, accumulation, storage, revision are achieved in processing Centre which is certificated by PCI DSS.

All if cards can I use to pay?

You may pay by Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, JCB. We remind you, that NOT all the Russian banks as well as International banks support 3D Secure. To minimize the risk of fraud with your bank card our payment system requires joining to 3D Secure. Your bank may join 3D Secure service to your card on your request; also, you may use another card, which is already joined to system.

May I pay for the ticket by Maestro and Visa Electron?

You may pay by Maestro, and section for CVC code should not be completed. But payment by Visa Electron is not allowed on www.rusline.aero .

The ticket cost is presented in rubles, but my bankcard account is in other currency. Which rate is used for payment?

Ticket pricing (fare calculation) is made in the rubles. If the card’s currency is not the same, the calculated ticket fare is converted into the rubles at the rate stipulated by the issuing bank.

How can I check my Rusline booking if it was made on other web-site?

You may check bookings made on www.rusline.aero only. If you do not use www.rusline.aero for booking, follow to the original web-site to check your booking.

I lost my itinerary receipt. May I get another one?

You may re-print your itinerary receipt, which is in the confirmation e-mail you have received. If the confirmation e-mail has been deleted, contact Call-center by phone: 8 800 5555 800 (for international calls +7 (495) 933-23-33), or re-print it from your personal account on «Rusline» web-site at section «My orders». Note, itinerary receipt need not be presented at check-in. You must present the identification document used for ticket issuance.

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