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Conditions for carriage of Special categories of passengers

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I use wheelchair. How can I get assistance at the airport?

Carrier provides all necessary assistance to passengers with disabilities.
You have to inform our agent about specifications of the wheelchair: dimensions, weight, type of battery, and also, which assistance is required at the airport.
In such a case contact Call-centre 24 hours by phone: 8 (800) 5555-800 (for international calls +7 (495) 933-23-33).
Your booking will be attached with special information and you will be guaranteed with all necessary assistance at the airport of departure and upon arrival.
Note, wheelchair is accepted as a free excess baggage.

Are there baby-cots on board?

A baby-cot service is not provided on Rusline’s flights. You have to keep your baby on the laps during all the flight.

I am traveling with a baby. Which baby-baggy is allowed to be taken on board?

Baby buggies are covered with free baggage allowance. You may continue using baby buggy checked as baggage until boarding, unless this is restricted by airport security regulations. The baby buggy will be returned to you at the door of the aircraft upon arrival. For more details click "Baggage essentials".

May I take baby-meal on board?

Passenger traveling with a baby is allowedto take on board baby food (a mixture of porridge, purée, etc.) in the quantity required during the flight in addition to free hand luggageallowance.

May I make a booking for a child as an addition to my purchased ticket?

The airline allows issuing of a single ticket for the child up to 12 years of age. Acceptable methods are: Sales offices; Via Call-centre by phone 8 800 5555 800 (for international calls +7 (495) 933-23-33).

May a child travel along?

Transportation of a child under12 years of age without an accompaniment is not allowed on Rusline’s airlines. Children of 12 years old and up can travel along. Exit of minors from the Russian Federation must be carried out in accordance with the Provisions of the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation. Parental permission to travel outside of the Russian Federation is required.

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