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If you are travelling in a group of 10 or more passengers, we offer a special Group Fare for all routes of our route network.

Corporate Service for group booking is ready to organize a trip for any purpose: tourism, conference, study, wedding ceremony, visit relatives and friends.

Advantages of Group Fare:

  • A team of experts, which is only working on your request.
  • Special discount from applicable Fare.
  • Prolonged time limit of reservation.
  • Progress payments.
  • Passenger’s data is not required for pre-booking.
  • Free name endorsements until ticket issued.
  • 24-hours technical and consultation support.
  • Group free baggage allowance.
  • Check-in for the seats in one row on board.

Group booking offer comes with several strings attached:

  • Group should be formed of at least 10 passengers.
  • Any route: one-way trip, round-trip, complicated route.
  • Economy class of service.
  • The departure date must be chosen at least within 4 working days (excl. Saturday and Sunday).
  • Ticket cost and payment deadline (deposit deadline) for passenger groups depends on demand on a particular flight and is based on the data provided in the application.
  • The tickets must be issued at least within 4 days before the flight.
  • Discount for children under 12 years old is 25%.
  • Date or destination changes are not allowed.
  • Reducing the number of passengers in a group without penalty is allowed up to the deposit or the full payment and provided if the number of passengers in a group is reduced to 10-20% of the total number of passengers. If the number of passengers is reduced significantly, the Fare may be recalculated;
  • Reducing the number of passengers in a group after the deposit or the full payment can be provided individually. Reducing the number of passengers in a group to 10% is allowed without penalties until the tickets are not issued.
  • Increasing the number of passengers in a group regardless of the deposit or the full payment is allowed, but must be arranged individually. The earlier request for increasing the number of the passengers in a group guaranties the initial Fare for Group booking.
  • There are individual terms for ticket refund and change.
  • For a group of passengers the baggage shall be checked in individually for each group member with a mark in the traffic document. One baggage piece is up to 20 kg with dimensions not exceeding 203 cm. One hand luggage piece is up to 5 kg with dimensions not exceeding 40x20x30 cm (LxWxH).

For Group Booking, please call:

  • 8-809-505-46-69 (The price for a call is 64-68 RUB/min incl. VAT, depending on the telecommunication operator, including waiting time and talk time with the operator.)
  • +7 495 933 23 33 (in Moscow)
  • +7 (473) 262-20-02 (in Voronezh)

Or write to 5555@rusline.aero.

Order a call to avoid waiting an agent to respond!
Total: 99 rub.

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