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You need to follow 3 steps to check in for a flight:

    • Find a passenger on a flight.
    • Choose a seat on board and check in for a flight.
    • Receive a boarding pass.

During each step all data will be automatically checked for accuracy and correctness. If you have inserted not all data or have used an invalid data layout, you will see a notification or a message on your screen.

ATTENTION! For check-in for international flights please insert your visa information.

Search for a passenger for check-in

Insert in the given fields the family name of a passenger, his ticket number, choose a departure date (search in the previous days is not possible), as well as flight number und click the «Search» button (Pic. 1).

Picture 1 – passenger search form.

Click the «To check-in» button to check in the chosen passenger (Pic. 2).

Picture 2 — passenger search results.

Choice of a seat on board and check-in for a flight

To open a cabin plan to choose a seat please click the «Choose a seat» button (Pic. 3).

Picture 3 - go the seat choice.

Choose a free seat on the plan. Please take notice that you have to pay for the seats at the front of the cabin. The paid seats are 3ab, 4abcd - 7abcd (Pic. 4).

Picture 4 — Cabin plan.

Choose a Seat on board and press the «Confirm check-in» button (Pic. 5).

Picture 5 — choice of a free seat.

While choosing a paid seat on board (Pic. 6) you have to pay for it before the check-in.

Picture 6 — choice of a paid seat at the front of the cabin.

Click the «Confirm check-in» button (Pic. 7) to be redirected to the seat payment.

Picture 7 - seat payment.

Before you pay please enter your contact data and press the «To payment» button (Pic. 8). You have to pay with your credit card.

Picture 8 - input of contact data.

Enter you Bank card information (Pic. 9).

Picture 9 - input of banking information.

Getting a boarding pass

After confirming your check-in you will be redirected to the Boarding pass page (Pic. 10).

Picture 10 - getting a boarding pass.

You can send a boarding pass to your e-mail address or open it in a new window to save it.

Data alteration

If necessary you can change some personal data of a passenger, for example, date of birth or a pass number.
Press the «Data» button at the second step of the check-in (Pic. 11).

Picture 11 — link for changing personal data of the passenger.

In this window you may enter all the necessary alterations. Afterwards press the «Save» button (Pic. 12).

Picture 12 — window with passenger’s data alterations.

Change a chosen seat

If you have already chosen a seat, you can easily change it, if it is not a paid one.
Click a link with your seat number on the screen (Pic. 13).

Picture 13 — link for a seat change.

Picture 14 — change a seat on board.

Go to online check-in

If you need to check out a passenger that has already checked in online, please follow the instruction How to check out online.