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Information about Insurer of «Rusline» Airlines. Agreement number: ¹16AVK0173, 30th of November 2016. Date of expiry – 13th of December, 2017. Agreement for compulsory insurance of carrier’s third-party liability for damage caused to the life, health and property of passengers Insurer’s name: JSC «SOGAZ».

For detailed information, please contact JSC «SOGAZ» employee:

Marina Sivitskaya
Head of aviation and space risks insurance
Tel.: (495) 739-21-40, äîá. 2768

Andrey Serikov
Head of aviation risks insurance
Tel.: (495) 739-21-40, äîá. 2764

In case of occurrence of an insured event, contact The head office or the nearest branch office of JSC «SOGAZ» at addresses pointed on its web-site.

The head office:
107078, 10, Academician Sakharov prospect, Moscow
Telephone numbers: (495) 780-78-80, 739-21-40, 539-29-00
Fax: (495) 739-21-39