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Booking online

Aviation Company «RusLine» offers online booking and online seat payment services for all flights on our website. To use the service, please read carefully the following rules of booking online.

Four steps to buy a ticket:

    • Enter search options;
    • Select flights and fares;
    • Enter passengers’ data;
    • Choose additional services;
    • Make a payment and get the itinerary receipt (e-ticket) sent to your e-mail.

You can pay with a credit card of: VISA International, Mastercard International, Diners Club International, JCB International or MIR.

1. Flight search

Image 1. Search form

    • Set the destination;
    • Set the «departure» and «return» dates (if you make a round trip);
    • Choose the number of passengers (adults, children from 0 to 12 y.o. and babies under 2 y.o. that may fly with a separate seat or without).

If you have not found the number of passengers you need in this list, click «More passengers» and choose the needed number.

The number of passengers in one order is limited – max. 9 passengers.

Click «Search».

You will be offered flight options for the specified search parameters and there will be shown available fares. (Image 2).

Image 2. Flights and fares on your request.

If there are no search results on your request, you will be informed (Image 3).

Image 3. No results found

Under the notification you will see a calendar showing dates with available flights and seats. Click on the suitable date and book your ticket.

2. Flight and Fare selection

There is a short description for all fare groups (baggage allowance, conditions of ticket change and refund etc.) (Image 4):

Image 4. Short description of the available fares

Choose a fare that suits you best.

Further information of the chosen flight and fare you will see on the next screen (Image 5):

Image 5. Your choice

Click «Fare rules» to learn the fare conditions and then click «NEXT».

3. Passenger Information

Enter information about the passengers and the buyer (Image 6):

Image 6. Enter the information about the passengers and the buyer here

ATTENTION: You are liable for the input of correct passengers’ data. Please enter an e-mail address and document details carefully. You will receive an e-mail confirming your booking, as well as your itinerary receipt and payment confirmation.

The child’s birth certificate information should be entered as follows: first one Latin letter, then (without gaps) 2 Cyrillic letters and then 6 digits. You should enter Latin letters in uppercase and Cyrillic letters in uppercase or lowercase.

4. Additional services

Along with the ticket you may buy some additional services:

    • Choose a seat on board;
    • Buy an additional baggage piece;
    • Receive an insurance policy in case of baggage destruction/loss or incident during the flight;
    • Buy an AeroExpress ticket in/to Vnukovo Airport;
    • Add a «Business Lounge PRIORITY PASS» service at Vnukovo Airport.

All additional services are chargeable.

Further information on additional services.

Seat choice on board.

To book a particular seat during the buying process, click «Preferred seats» (Image 7).

Image 7. Choose a seat on board

Choose a seat for each passenger on the board plan and click «Ready» (Image 8).

Image 8. Board plan for a seat choice

Additional baggage

You can buy an additional baggage piece up to 23 or 32 kg (Image 9):

Image 9. Choice of an additional baggage piece

Insurance policy

You can also buy an insurance policy by choosing an insurance program from «Basic» and «Optimal» programs (Image 10):

Image 10. Add an insurance policy to the order


If you book a flight from or to Moscow, you can additionally buy a ticket for an electrical train AeroExpress routing from Vnukovo Airport to Kiyevskiy Train Station in Moscow and back.

Add this service to your booking and the system will calculate all your journey parameters: destination, date, ticket number and the price for all passengers (Image 11).

Image 11. Buy an AeroExpress ticket

«Business Lounge PRIORITY PASS»

To make your time waiting at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow more comfortable, choose the additional service «Business Lounge PRIORITY PASS».

Image12. Add a "Business Lounge PRIORITY PASS" service

5. Order payment

Before paying for the order please check one more time the passenger and flight data, as well as the chosen services.

You can pay with your credit card.

Image 13. Booking an order

Before clicking «Buy» please set a tick to confirm that you have read through the public offer and fare conditions as well as Agreement on the use of your personal data.

To proceed the payment you will be redirected to the payment system website.

The itinerary receipt sent after the e-ticket confirmation is considered as a document confirming the conclusion of an agreement between the passenger and Aviation Company «RusLine». After the successful payment you will receive an e-mail with payment confirmedion, itinerary receipt of your e-ticket and e-documents on buying additional services on the e-mail address given while booking your tickets.

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