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Contract offer

Public offer for provision of services for air ticket booking, air ticket sale and sale of air transportation services.


This document is an official offer (public offer) of the company JSC «RusLine» Airlines (Hereinafter - the Company), and contains the essential terms for provision of services for booking, sale and document issuance to the third party via Internet resource: www.rusline.aero

Public offer

Public offer is the offer between contract holder and anyone who will accept this proposal as it appears from all the essential terms of the contract offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code (hereinafter - Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Acceptance is a response to accept offered terms (Para. 1, Art. 438 of the Civil Code).

Committing actions to fulfill contract terms at a stated time by a person who accepts this proposal is an acceptance in accordance with n. 3 of Art. 438 of the Civil Code.

In case an individual accepts offered conditions, set out below, becomes a customer. (Acceptance of an offer is equals the agreement on the terms set out in the offer).

The Company and the Customer agree that the public offer is considered to be unconditionally accepted. (On the basis of para. 3.3 of the Bank of Russia on August 19, 2004 N 262-P "On the identification of customers by credit institutions and beneficiaries for the purpose of counteracting the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing"). Customer is considered to be identified after entering the personal data such as last name, e-mail (E-mail), the password on the website of the Company or after successful payment transaction for the ticket by using the bankcards based on its unique details, codes and passwords.

Service provider and customer directly enter into an agreement which is available on the website www.rusline.aero.

Performing actions on the acceptance of the public contract-offer, the customer confirms his/her capacity and capability, the achievement of customer age 18 years, as well as the legal right of the Customer to enter into a contractual relationship with the Service provider.

Terms and Definitions

In this public offer the following terms are used in the following meaning:

Aviation Company - JSC «RusLine» Aviation Company which performs or assumes the obligation to perform air transportation of passengers and luggage on the local and international flights under its own code and provides or undertakes the obligation to provide services related to such carriage in accordance with vehicular or payment document which is recognized valid on Carrier routes.

Public offer is an official offer between the company and the customer. It contains the entire essential for the provision of services via acceptance of Public offer.

Customer is a user who carried out the acceptance of the public offer and thus acts as a Customer Service of JSC «RusLine» Airlines.

Passenger is a private individual who is a recipient of the carriage or who needs to be carried using the aircraft according to the provisions of the contract of air carriage of passengers.

Order is a properly executed Customer's request for services selected on the website.

Air ticket is a traffic document that must be delivered by the carrier whenever carriage is contracted, tickets can be represented in one of the following forms: as an e-ticket in the system and as an itinerary receipt issued on a paper.

Booking system is an information system containing information about the flight schedule, availability of flights, fares and rules of their application as well as other conditions of the provision of services. This information is presented on the website www.rusline.aero in accordance with booking system information (Carriers) or their authorized representatives. The information in the reservation system may be changed or supplemented at any time.

1. Subject of offer

1.1. The Aviation Company provides customer services for provision of information from the booking system. It also performs booking services of the third parties (Air Carriers) for air transportation in accordance with the individual requirements of a customer (date, time, route, number of passengers and other conditions of carriage) as well as for ticket change/refund procedures. The Customer undertakes the obligation to pay for services at a set price.

1.2. This Public offer takes effect (offer acceptance) immediately after confirmation by the Customer to comply with all its terms via ticket booking on the web-site.
After the air carriage has been booked the Public offer is considered to be the basic document to approve formal arrangements between the Customer and the Aviation Company.

2. Procedure of service provision

2.1. To take advantage of the Aviation Company services it is required to make a booking on the web-site www.rusline.aero.


2.2. The Aviation Company performs issuance of a successfully booked and paid air carriage. Transportation price (carriage charge) equals the sum of the fare/fare combination, fees applied by the Carrier, fees applied by the Aviation Company and in any single case, fees charged for the payment via terminal. You can learn more about the rules fare application here.


2.2.1 The service fee of the Aviation Company for registration of one flight stage is 35 rubles, the actual carrier of the stage is JSC "RusLine".
The service fee of the Aviation Company for registration of one stage on code-sharing flights is 185 rubles.


2.3. While performing a service (incl. additional services, performed in accordance with aviation rules) an electronic multifunctional document is used to charge fees and taxes. All information in this document about a service and its cost is in digital form. The issuance of the electronic multifunctional document receipt containing compulsory details stated by the Order of the Ministry of Transport № 116 from 18.05.2010 is the issuance of a form of strict accountability that grants the receipt of the payment made by the Customer with a bank card (with cash).


2.4. When a Customer purchases a ticket, he/she gives his/her consent to the terms, conditions and suggested route. He/she confirms the consent to the required documents, rules, regulations, procedures of changing or refunding. All necessary information is available on the "Information" page of Aviation Company’s web-site.

The information presented in the "Information" page of Aviation Company’s web-site www.rusline.aero is an integral part of this Public offer (hereinafter - the "Useful information").


2.5. Customer makes unassisted booking on the web-site after he/she gets to know the «Useful Information", the price of air carriage and Fare Rules as well as reads the following Public offer. While booking, the Customer refers to the booking terms by him/herself, (change/refund procedures, the fare/fare combination, fees, services of the third parties).


2.6. When booking an air carriage on the web-site, the Customer confirms the input accuracy of his/her personal data as well as other passengers’. He/she also assumes all responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of entered data. Hereinafter the Customer agrees that his/her personal data will be processed according to the Federal Law N 152-FL from 27.07.2006. You can find more information here.


2.7. It is prohibited to duplicate the bookings with the same details (date, rout, airline, flight) for the same person. Otherwise the Aviation Company retains the right to make changes and unilaterally cancel the booking or refuse passenger’s carriage. The Aviation Company shall not be liable for probable consequences resulting from refusing passenger carriage due to double booking.


2.8. Both «multi-points trip» and «round-trip» are the single carriage consisting of various flight segments. An unused carriage on a ticket may become a reason to cancel all further legs of route. The passenger has the right to refuse any leg of the «round-trip» flight or any other (miss the flight). If the passenger intends to refuse the flight, such passenger shall notify the Aviation Company providing this air carriage.


2.9. Additional charges may be incurred for the provision of some services such as booking and issuing the ticket, changing/refunding the ticket as well as payment transaction. In case of payment via terminal, terminal charge and charge for issuing the ticket are not refundable. The Customer agrees with the pricing of issued ticket and the total amount shall be understood to mean the cost of all services.


2.10. The Aviation Company may specify fixed price for the booking. The Aviation Company reserves the right to change these prices until full payment of the order by the Customer, which is associated with possible changes in resource prices. The Customer pays for the order at a price set at the time of payment and specified for him/her.


2.11. If the Customer uses directly the system for booking or purchasing resources as well as indirectly through a third party, the Aviation Company may require the full consent of the Customer with the terms of the offer. Process frustration or the Customer’s disagreement with the terms of the offer in full may result in refusing to make an order.


2.12. The Aviation Company may require the full payment of charges and fees by the Customer. The Aviation Company reserves the right to withhold amount due such as service charges, Carrier’s penalties for change/refund and booking cancellation after payment. In case of a voluntary refusal of the passenger from the flight, the fees of foreign states, the fuel surcharge on the unused legs of the route of the carriage, and the fee for the provision of services of automated booking systems must not be refunded. The Customer fully legitimates these Aviation Company’s actions and has no complaints.


2.13. The Aviation Company undertakes the obligation to perform services in full only after a total 100% payment by the Customer using any payment means allowed by the laws of the Russian Federation and rules on the website www.rusline.aero


2.14. The Aviation Company neither requires nor stores the PIN codes and bank cards' CCV2 and is not responsible for their safety if they are accidentally or intentionally relayed by the Customer to the third parties. The Bank provides all transactions on cash withdrawal from bankcards through Internet-acquiring under the agreement on the Internet acquiring between the Bank and the Aviation Company.


2.15. The payment system is entitled to refuse the implementation of transaction if it is fraudulent. Fraudulent transactions with bankcards fall under the scope of Article 159 of the Criminal Code. According to the rules of international payment systems, in order to verify the identity and eligibility of the Customer to use a credit card, the Customer shall provide the necessary documents for identification upon Aviation Company's request. The Aviation Company reserves the right, without giving any reason, to cancel the order if there is any doubt in regard to document authenticity and also in case of failure to provide the requested documents by the Customer within the period specified in the request of the Aviation Company.


2.16. The Aviation Company shall promptly provide itinerary receipt of e-ticket to the indicated on the web-site Customer’s e-mail as well as promptly provide multi-purpose electronic document confirming payment of the service or other charges. This is only possible after receiving confirmation from the acquiring bank about successful debiting funds from the customer's bankcard or a payment order in the payment acceptance points, indicated on the web-site.


2.17. The fact of sending an e-mail from the mail server of booking system (no-reply@rusline.aero) confirms sending the e-ticket by the Aviation Company.


2.18. Terms of any changes in the travel documents (airline tickets), including refund and change are regulated by the rules of the fare for this service, by the contract of carriage with the Airline, by the contract-offer to provide services to the Aviation Company, by the Air Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation and may involve imposition of penal sanctions on the customer and / or passenger by third parties.


2.19. In the event of a voluntary refusal from air carriage there are two ways to notify the Aviation Company:

    • e-mail to the Company vozvrat@rusline.aero .
    • complete the form in your personal account on the web-site according to the type of ticket refusal.
    • In the event of a voluntary change the air carriage write an e-mail to 5555@rusline.aero or use phone numbers listed on the website www.rusline.aero.

3. Personal data

3.1. In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Federal Law from July 27, 2006 № 152-FL "On personal data", the processing of personal data of the Customer and/or passengers, carried out for the purpose of execution of this contract and the contract of carriage and insurance services one of the parties is the customer and / or passenger. Personal data of passengers is not subject to dissemination, except for cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


3.2. The Aviation Company is obliged to use any personal data of the Customer and/or passengers, which are indicated during the booking process, for making a sale of services, identification and the user support only.


The passenger is hereinafter informed that the Aviation Company may handle personal data of the passenger (including transactions of booking and buying tickets, as well as on condition of changing of air transportation terms or voluntary refusal of air transportation and after termination of the air transportation contract – on orders from public authorities), that are being input by a passenger while online purchase over the web-site, in compliance with subpar. 5 par. 1 art. 6 FL № 152 “On personal data” of the Russian Federation for concluding an air transportation contract on passenger’s initiative (personal data subject). Processing of personal data of a passenger in the context of the given terms means any action (transaction) or a group of action (transactions) which are being made by an online agent on behalf of the Aviation Company within the scope of discharge of its obligations concerning an air transportation contract (or after termination of an air transportation contract / on orders from public authorities, as well as for the reason of preparation of personalized offers for the passenger concerning the Aviation Company’s services or the online agent’s services or the ones of the third parties) using automation methods or without them for processing personal data, such as collection, record, organization, storage, adjustment (updates, changes), extraction, usage, transmission (spreading, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, extermination of personal data.

The Passenger agrees to transfer his/her personal data into the automatized booking and passenger check-in system and into other automatized systems (including cases when this transfer means international transfer of personal data) in compliance with the Aviation Company’s local enactments as well as with requirements of the present legislation of the Russian Federation..

4. Liability of the parties

4.1.The Aviation Company and the Customer shall be liable for failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of the obligations of the public offer in accordance with applicable law of the Russian Federation.


4.2. The Aviation Company is not responsible for any failure to serve the Customer for any reason, including the electrical system disturbance, failure of equipment as well as the absence of the Customer's access to booking system.


4.3. The Aviation Company is not responsible for the violation of the offer's conditions, if such infringement is caused by the action of force majeure (force majeure), including: action by public authorities, fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, the lack of electricity and/or failures of computer network operation, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, without limitation which may affect the performance of the Aviation Company conditions of this public offer and the Aviation Company's uncontrollable.


4.4. The Aviation Company is not responsible for the actions of Airlines such as:

    • Cancellation, modification, delay of the flight;
    • Loss or damage to baggage and documents;
    • Conditions for issuing visas;
    • Valid passports, powers of attorney or other documents for traveling children and etc. The Aviation Company is not responsible for the ignorance or failure to comply with the specified requirements by customer and / or passenger.


4.5. The Customer and/or passenger assumes full responsibility for the preparation of all necessary travel documents required for entry and exit (valid passports, visas, return tickets and medical insurance for traveling abroad, confirm the presence of a sufficient amount of money, etc.), the need for execution of other documents for traveling minors under 18 years of age, the animals.


4.6. The Customer assumes the responsibility that he/she and his\her passengers are aware of:

    • the terms of the applicable fares of the Carriers, including ticket refund/exchange conditions as well as the terms for «multi-points trip» (time limit for transfers, issuing of transfer visas, etc.);
    • passengers alone bear the responsibility for their actions on the territory of committing travel, including for violations of the law and the rules laid down by the customs authorities, border guards and other state bodies and services;
    • passenger with an invalid entry or exit documents is obliged to obtain the necessary information about the order of deportation at the consulate of the country concerned.


4.7. Disputes on execution of this offer that emerged at the initiative of the Customer, subject to review by the competent court at the location of the Aviation Company in compliance with the claim procedure. The claim in writing should be sent to the postal address of the Aviation Company. Complaint response time is 30 working days from receipt of the claim by the Aviation Company.

5. Procedure of adjustment and termination of this Public offer

5.1. The Aviation Company reserves the right at any time to make changes in the conditions of this public offer, if the time changes to take effect otherwise stated, they begin to have effect from the date of their publication on the Aviation Company's website.


5.2. Customer's Booking on the company's website after a change in the contract offer, clearly understood as consent to such modification by both Aviation Company and the Customer.


5.3. This Public offer may be terminated at any time at the initiative of the both Customer and the Aviation Company via prior notice sent to email address 5555@rusline.aero .


5.4. The Aviation Company is entitled to terminate the Public offer at any time without prior notice in the case of violations of order and terms of booking and payment by the customer.

The Customer agrees that he/she has read the rules and fully agrees with them (without any reservations), as well as with the conditions of booking additional services listed above, with annulation of Carrier’s services listed on the website www.rusline.aero and with the condition of Air Carriage contract. You can learn more here. The Customer gets to know them during the purchase. All these rules are a sufficient part of the contract.


6. Invoice details of JSC «RusLine»

Main domicile: 248035, Vzletnaya, 46, office 204, Kaluga, Kaluga Region, Russia

Location address: PO box 30, 121354, Moscow, Dorogobuzhskaya Street, 14, P4, 3 Sub-star, Office 101

TIN: 7713141247

Bank details in Euro:

Joint Stock Aviation Company “RusLine” (JSC “RusLine”)

Account 40702978902300002620

Beneficiary Bank: ALFA-BANK, 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078 (SW1FT: ALFARUMM)

Correspondent acc.: 00150092584

Bank details in USD:

Joint Stock Aviation Company “RusLine” (JSC “RusLine”)

Account 40702840902300003139

Beneficiary Bank: ALFA-BANK, 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078 (SW1FT: ALFARUMM)

Correspondent acc.: 36310481

CEO: Gorodilov A.

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