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To refund unused e-ticket:

The type of refund depends on the reason: voluntarily or involuntarily decision to refuse the air carriage.

Refunds are not allowed for tickets issued at super-low fares and the fares applicable during sales and airline promotional offers.

If you have any questions, please contact our Call-Centre by phone 8-800-5555-800 (free for calls from mobile phones and from the regions of Russia) or +7 495 933 23 33 (for calls outside the Russian Federation).

Refund e-ticket purchased on web-site

There are two ways to refund e-ticket purchased on web-site. They depend on your method of payment:


  • Via your personal account on our web-site (Instruction)
  • Via calling to call-centre: 8 800 5555 800 and leave an application for refund.

Refundable amount will be transferred to the processing centre next day after refund and delivered to your personal account number in 3-30 days- depending on the issuing bank.

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