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General rules of ticket refund

An e-ticket can be refunded by the passenger whose name was used to issue the ticket, as well as by their representative by notarised power of attorney or by the person making the payment with appropriate confirmation. The terms of ticket refund and expire date of the ticket are determined by the conditions of fare application. You have to check them while issuing a ticket.

If the ticket has been issued in a non-return fare, then the price of the initial fare while changing conditions or terminating the contract will be non-refundable as well. Please read the conditions of fare application in advance.

Ticket refund may be voluntary or involuntary.

If the ticket refund takes place at the initiative of the passenger and if the reason for refund is not valid for the aviation company, then the refund must be considered to be voluntary.

You can find the valid reason for refunding an air ticket of «RusLine» Aviation Company here..

In case of a voluntary refund agency charges, as well as transactional charges of the payment system and charges of the Transportation Clearing Company are not refunded. You will have to pay an agency charge to issue this service. While issuing a voluntary refund of an e-ticket bought on the website of the Aviation Company you will have to pay 750 RUB service charge for each flight stage..

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Call centre by calling 8-809-505-46-69 (free for calling from mobile devices and for the calls from Russia).

Refund of the ticket bought on the website of the Aviation Company

While buying a ticket on the website of the Aviation Company you can use of the ways to refund your ticket:

  • Issue a request in your Profile (Instruction).
  • Make a call to the Contact centre of the Aviation Company* at 8-809-505-46-69 (The price for a call is 64-68 RUB/min incl. VAT, depending on the telecommunication operator, including waiting time and talk time with the operator) and leave a refund request.

Refund money will be transferred to the processing centre on the next bank day and returned to the bank card which was used to purchase the ticket within 3 to 60 work days, depending on the issuing bank.

* - Contact centre services are provided by LLC «AVIA PLUS», the general agent of «RusLine» Aviation Company. Contacting the Centre means unconditional acceptance of the use and processing of personal information provided by the client, as against third parties.

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