Carriage of Sporting goods and musical instruments

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A passenger is allowed to take one of the following sport equipment pieces within baggage weight transportation rules, without regard to dimensions and number of baggage pieces rules:

    • 1 case with 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles and 1 pair of ski boots


    • 1 case with one snowboard + 1 baggage piece with 1 pair of boots


    • 1 case or box with a bicycle or balance bicycle


    • 1 case with 1 folded fishing rod not longer than 200 cm and 1 set of fishing gear

Sport equipment apart from those listed above is considered as baggage.

Baggage that requires special precautions during transportation (fragile objects, film and photo equipment, video equipment, household and office appliances, musical instruments, electronic and optical equipment etc.) may be transported on board.

On-board baggage transportation is issued and conducted only with prior agreement with the air carrier. The passenger is obliged to inform the air carrier or their agent about on-board baggage transportation while booking or issuing a ticket and to pay for an additional baggage piece.

To carry their baggage on board, the passenger needs to buy an additional ticket according to the actual passenger fares (discounts for children are not summed). Rules and fares for an extra seat are not applied for on-board baggage transportation.

The weight of on-board baggage may not exceed 80 kg, and its dimensions may not exceed 90x42x30 which would allow to place it in an extra passenger seat.

The packaging of on-board baggage must allow to fasten it in a passenger seat. The baggage is placed in a window seat and fastened with a fastening seat belt.

The on-board baggage is delivered to the board of the aircraft, lifted, placed in the cabin, removed from the aircraft and delivered to the airport by the passenger.

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