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Carriage of sports equipment

Sport equipment on «RusLine» flights must be transported according to the following rules:

    • You can take one additional baggage piece for free, which includes a set of snowboarding or skiing equipment weighing up to 20 kg.
      A set of equipment includes:
      1) a pair of skis in a case with a pair of ski sticks and/or a pair of skiing boots packed separately;
      2) a snowboard in a case and/or a pair of snowboard boots packed separately.
    • According to the baggage transportation rules by weight, without baggage allowance by dimensions and number of seats, a passenger may carry one fishing rod in a case, not longer than 200 cm folded and a set of fishing gear.

Sport equipment, apart from those listed above, is not included in free baggage allowance and must be paid additionally for:

Baggage category

In case of paying at the airport, RUB.

In case of paying on the website or in the call centre of the Aviation Company, RUB.

1 segment/1 person

2 segments/1 person

1 segment/1 person

2 segments/1 person

Different sport equipment weighing up to 20 kg. in the sum of three dimensions no more than 203 cm.





You need to inform the Aviation Company about transporting your skiing or snowboarding equipment in advance, by calling at 8-809-505-46-69 (the call price is from 64 to 68 RUB/min including VAT, depending on mobile operator, including waiting time and conversation time with a manager).

Order a call to avoid waiting an agent to respond!
Total: 99 rub.

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