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Sports equipment

Sports equipment is regarded as 1 baggage piece and is included in the norm of the free baggage allowance for fares in Economy and Premium Economy classes of service.

An equivalent charge rate for excess baggage (number of baggage pieces) will be stated, only if the number of baggage places exceeds the one stated in the ticket of a passenger. Moreover, additional charge will be paid in case of exceeding weight or dimensions of one baggage piece. The payment shall be made according to the fares stated in the table in the part with «Excess and oversized baggage».

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments may be carried in the baggage section or on board. For transporting them on board the rules applied to them are the same as the ones applied to the carriage of items transported in a passenger seat.

Musical instruments with dimensions exceeding the norm for transporting baggage on board (115 cm (L*W*H), for example, guitar, cello, violin etc.) may be transported on board only when a separate seat was bought for this instrument, according to the actual passenger fares. Its weight must not exceed 75 kg, and its dimensions must allow to carry it safely in a separate passenger seat. The package of the baggage carried on board must have special means to fasten it to the seat.

To book and buy a separate baggage piece, the passenger must address the call centre of the Aviation Company under 8 800 5555 800 (free of charge in Russia) and +7 495 933 23 33 (for calls outside the territory of the Russian Federation).

Note: If you buy a separate baggage piece, the baggage allowance norm will not exceed.

Each passenger has a right to carry:


Golf equipment is packed in an appropriate bag or case

One piece for one passenger.

Skis and skiing gear.

Ski poles, skis and ski boots are packed into the same case or 1 case with 1 snowboard + 1 piece of baggage with 1 pair of shoes.

Not more than two kits are allowed for one passenger.
Maximum amount is 20 kits on the same flight.
Prior confirmed booking is required.


Bike shall be packed in the protective case or bag.

Weight places paid in full.
Maximum 2 pieces on the same flight are allowed.
Prior confirmed booking is required.

Hockey kit and sticks.

One piece of hockey pads.
One piece of two-stick set.

Total weight shall not exceed 30 kg.
Number of pieces on the same flight shall be agreed with the Carrier.
Prior confirmed booking is required.

Fishing tackle

Packed intoone tackle box.

Two fishing rods up to 200 cm in length provided they are packed together.
Maximum one tackle box for one passenger.

Surf boards, canoe, kayaker


Not accepted for carriage.

Exception: We may accept surf boards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed maximum length restrictions – 200 sm.

Musical instrument

Packed into a special case.

One piece for one passenger.
Maximum 20 pieces on the same flight are allowed.
Prior confirmed booking is required.

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