Baggage essentials

Rules applicable to 07.06.2018

General rules

BEWARE: If passenger’s baggageis50 kg and overit shall be accepted for carriage as acargo and carried in accordance with cargo transportation rules.

    • All baggageshall bechecked-in and accepted for carriageatthe airport of origin.
    • All baggage carried by passenger, including hand luggage, shall be presented at check-in. In accordance with flight safety regulations, each piece of baggage shall be marked with a baggage tag and transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.

BEWARE: It is prohibited to integrate separate pieces of baggage.

Passenger’s baggage shall not contain the following items:

    • Dangerous items listed in the“Technical Instructions for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous goods by Air (issued by ICAO) , in the “ Regulations on the Transportof Dangerous Goods” issued by Air Regulations (IATA), in the Transportation Regulations of the Carrierand in other special acts and documents (detailed information may be provided on your request);
    • Items prohibited for carriage in accordance with the legislation, resolutions, rules, regulations, acts, documents, international treaties issued by authorities of any countries to/from/across which the carriage is performed(detailed information can be provided on your request);
    • Other items which can be regarded by the Carrier as unacceptablefor carriage due to their size, weight, shape and special features. Apart from the above,engineering aspects of the aircraft are also considered (detailed information can be provided on your request).

There are some additional restrictions for items inside the baggage:

    • fragile or perishable items;
    • bank notes, jewellery, precious metals, silver,pecuniary obligations;
    • financial credit documents and other objects of value;
    • papers, passports, ID-cards;
    • drugs, keys and other metals.

Carrier shall not be liable for any loss or damage to listed itemsinside your baggage.

Baggage and hand luggage allowance

The passenger shall have the right for free baggage allowance within Carrier’s regulations and in accordance with the Fare, class of service, destination and type of the aircraft.

Free baggage allowance is fixed in accordance with Piece Concept system and is applied on Carrier’s own domestic or international flights.

Free baggage allowance does not apply to:

    • TV sets, recorders, photo and video equipment, consumer electronics, office machines and equipment, cash registerif weight of each item is more than 10kg;
    • flowers, planting stock, greens, dried plants, springs and tree branches if the total weightis more than 5kg;
    • a piece of baggage which is more than 32kg (it is regarded as overweight baggage);
    • pets and birds, tasks dogs (apart from a service dog accompanyingblind passenger);
    • bicycles in a bike case (there shall not be more than two bicycles on the same flight);

Free baggage allowance is fixed in accordance with the Fare applied, class of service and category of the passenger:

Free baggage allowance

Subclasses booking

Free baggage allowance and its weight (dimensions shall not exceed 55x40x20)

Free baggage allowance and its weight (dimensions shall not exceed 203sm in sum)

T, U, L, V, X, E, U, O, M, N, Q

1 piece - 5 kg

1 piece - 10 kg

S, H, B, K, Y, Z

1 piece - 5 kg

1 piece - 20 kg

or 2 pieces 10 kg each

In case of involuntary upgrade or downgrade the passenger shall have the right for free baggage allowance in accordance with the Fare the ticket was initially issued.

Baby carriage when transporting a child under 2 years old, weighed at registration, issued baggage tags, carried free of charge over and above the free baggage allowance.

Wheelchairs for passengers with reduced mobility is weighed at registration, issued baggage tags, carried free of charge over and above the free baggage allowance.

Carry-on items and hand luggage

Personal belongings and hand luggage shall be carried in the cabin.

Free hand luggage allowance is 1 piece up to 5 kg Dimensions of hand luggage shall not exceed 55x40x20cm.

When being checked-in, hand luggage must be weighted. Exceptions are made for the following items:

    • hand bag or briefcase;
    • paper-folder;
    • umbrella;
    • walking-stick;
    • periodicals;
    • books;
    • baby meal;
    • cell phones;
    • photo camera;
    • video camera;
    • laptop;
    • baby-cot;
    • Crutches, for passengers with reduced mobility;
    • Holdall with a suit;
      BEWARE: Holdall with a suit dimensions shall not exceed 55õ40õ20cm and may be used only for carrying suits. Otherwise suit bag must be weighted and checked-in as a piece of baggage.

Items listed aboveare not weighted, checked-in and marked with a tag.

Carriage of liquids in hand baggage

Liquid substances may be carried in limited amount as passenger’s baggage provided that the respective requirements are met:

    • in containers up to 100 ml
    • up to 1L per person

They are alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, water, juices, lotions, creams, perfumes, gels, tooth paste, liquid cosmetics, etc.

Charchable (Excess) Baggage and bulky baggage

Excess Baggage is extra chargeable in accordance with the special rates:

Excess Baggage

Categories of Excess Baggage

Excess category


Direct flight

Transfer flight

International flight

Extra pieces

The first excess piece up to 10 kg which dimensions exceed 203 cm

2 000 rub.

3 000 rub.

30 ˆ

The second excess piece up to 10 kg which dimensions exceed 203 cm

3 000 rub.

4 000 rub.

50 ˆ


weight 1 through 10 kg

Paid as 1 piece of excess baggage

weight 11 through 20 kg

Paid as 2 pieces of excess baggage

1. Passenger shall pay for excess baggage in accordance with the Carrier’s Fares applicable on the date of payment.
Passenger shall inform the Carrier of probable weight (1 piece more than 32kg) as well as of dimensions and amount ofexcess baggage items. Carriage of such baggage must be booked in advance.

2. Excess Baggage shall be paid in accordance with applicable Fares. Applicable Fares are available on website . Charges must be paid at the departure airport before check-in is over. BEWARE: part-kilogram is rounded-up.

3. Carrying of Baggage inside the cabin:

    • Excess baggage requiring special care (film, photo, television, video and radio instrumentation, electronic and optical instruments, office equipment, musical instruments and fragile items) may be carried in the cabin.
    • Carriageof baggage in the cabin is processed following the preliminary approval of the Carrier. After the carrier has approvedthe carriage, a special air ticket shall be issued for the carriage.
    • Charge for a special air ticket to carry the baggage inside the aircraft is 100% of the passenger’s Fare accompanying this baggage.
    • Weight of baggage carried in the cabin shall not exceed the average passenger’s weight (up to 80kg), and overall dimensions of the baggage shall allow its placing and securing in a separate passenger’ seat.
    • Packageof baggage carried in the cabin must be fitted with devices to secure it in the passenger seat.
    • Responsibility for embarkation, disembarkation and delivery of this baggage to the terminalshall rest on the passenger accompanying the baggage.

Carriage of portable electronic and electrical devices

1. In accordance with the provisions of ICAO documents, personal mobility aid powered by lithium batteries are not recommended for air transportation.

2. Based on ICAO recommendations, Carrier does not accept personal mobility aid powered by lithium batteries as checked baggage and / or carry-on baggage.

3. Personal mobility aids are:

    • Airwheel, solowheel etc.;
    • Hoverboards;
    • Miïi-segway, bàlàncå wheel etc.

4. Possibility of air transportation of portable devices with lithium batteries and power consumption depends on configuration (Wh) * batteries (for the rechargeable lithium-ion / polymer batteries) or lithium content (for non-rechargeable batteries of lithium metal).