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Carriage of Weapons, Ammunition and Appliances

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For safety reasons Passenger will not be able to take any firearms, including sporting rifles, gas spray gun or cold steel on board.

    • Carriage of weapons and/or ammunition can be accepted only with the prior consent of the Carrier, at least 24 hours before the flight. The passenger may not be allowed to take the flight in case of absence of the prior consent.
    • Passenger must arrive at a check-in desk at least one hour and a half before his\her flight departs and must proceed through all formalities.
    • All passengers intending to travel with firearms or ammunition must ensure they have the required documentation and licences . This includes export from/import into licences and authorization from local and national authorities.
    • All passengers intending to enter \leave the Russian Federation with firearms or ammunition must ensure they have the required import\export licence issued by MIA.
    • Passengers’ weapons and ammunition must be handed over to the Carrier by security staff of the airport for temporary storage during the flight, and given back to the passenger at the destination airport after the flight is completed.
    • Weapon simulators (all kinds) are prohibited for carriage inside the cabin. Weapon simulators will be accepted provided they are packed in checked-in baggage.
    • The firearms must be unloaded and will be accepted provided they are packed in an appropriate carriage case separately with ammunition.
    • Ammunition for gas spray gun is prohibited for carriage.
    • Weapons and ammunition shall NOT be checked-in for carriage to final destination in case of transfer flight. Such pieces of baggage must be handed over to the passenger in each point of transfer and checked –in and handed over to the Carrier again.
    • There is a limit of 5 pieces on the same flight.

Weapons are carried as checked baggage and are not included in the free baggage allowance. Employees of executive authorities on duty on a business trip in the presence of appropriate certificates and travel certificates of the established sample, transport weapons free of charge.

    • ATTENTION: Baggage with one piece of weapons (or one specially designed for the transportation of weapons, a container with several pieces of weapons belonging to one passenger) and one baggage piece with ammunition is regarded as a separate baggage piece.

      The gross weight of ammunition cannot exceed 5 kg, the transportation of weapons and ammunition in one baggage piece (container) is not allowed.

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