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Objects and substancesare allowed to transport on board the aircraft

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Crew members and passengers are allowed to transport on board the aircraft in compliance with the regulations the following objects and substances:

1) In registered (checked-in) luggage in the cargo or luggage compartments of the aircraft with restricted access by passengers during the flight:

    • crossbows, underwater guns, cavalry swords, sabres, hatchets, yataghans, broadswords, swords, rapiers, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting, flick-knives , knives with latched locks, replicas of any types of arms;
    • household knives (scissors) with blade length above 60 mm;
    • fish, poultry, eggs\caviar or hunting trophies;
    • alcoholic beverages between 24% and 70% proof in containers with a capacity of no more than 5 l; in a receptacle intended for retail trade – no more than 5 l per passenger;
    • liquids and alcoholic beverages no more than 24% proof;
    • aerosols, meant for sport or household use, emission valves of spray-cans which are protected by lids from spontaneous emission of their contents with a capacity of no more than 0.5 kg or 500 ml — no more than 2 kg or 2 l per passenger.

2) In passengers’ personal belongings:

    • medical thermometer — one per passenger;
    • mercury tonometer in standard casing — one per passenger;
    • mercury barometer or manometer, packaged in airtight container and sealed by the sender’s stamp;
    • disposable lighters — one per passenger;
    • dry ice for cooling perishable products — no more than 2 Ig per passenger;
    • 3% hydrogen peroxide — no more than 100 ml per passenger;
    • liquids, gels and aerosols, referred to as non-dangerous: in containers with capacity of no more than 100 ml (or equivalent capacity in other measurement units), packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag with a volume of no more than 1 l — one plastic bag per passenger.

BEWARE: Liquids in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml are not permitted to be transported even if the container is only partially filled.

Exceptions for transportation are made for medication, special diet requirements, baby food the maternal milk, in the quantity necessary for the flight. (in edition of Order of Ministry of transport of Russia dated 29.11.2010 No. 267).

Liquids purchased in Duty Free shops at the airport or on board the aircraft must be packed in a sealed plastic bag that allows the contents of the bag to be identified at any time during the flight, and with authentic confirmation that the purchase was made in the Duty Free section of an airport Duty shop or on board of aircraft on the day (days) of the trip.

The airport administration and airlines have the right to introduce new sanctions to improve flight safety standards, for which reason Aeroflot forbids the transportation of the following objects in the passenger cabin:

    • corkscrews;
    • needles for subcutaneous injections (if no medical justification is produced);
    • knitting needles;
    • with a blade length of less than 60 mm;
    • folding (without fixation device) travel knives, penknives with a blade length of less than 60 mm.

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