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Payment by Bank card

To pay by bank card is acceptable method.

We accept the following bank cards:

    • VISA International;
    • Mastercard International;
    • Diners Club International;
    • JCB International;
    • МИР.

Passenger as well as the person performing booking on behalf of passenger may pay for the ticket on the web-site.

You will be redirected to the payment system site -secure.sirena-travel.ru to make a transaction where you shall enter data for the payment within 15 minutes.Within the time limit you have 5 attempts to make payment, and then if default of payment you need to use any other method of payment, or make a new booking..

Enter the data of your bank card to make a payment:

  • Card number;
  • Holder name;  
  • Date of expiry; 
  • Secure code CVV/CVC (CVV2 for VISA or CVC2 for MasterCard).  

All data details are on your card.
You will find CVV/CVC code on the back side of the card.

Image 1

Check the data and click "Pay " .

Security Policy.

Data communications security is provided with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0.Data interchange is protected in the closed networks which have the highest protection degree audited by PCI DSS.
Data collection, record, classification, accumulation, storage, revision are achieved in processing centre which is certificated by PCI DSS.

3D Secure Technology.

3D Secure Technology is a part of programs: Visa International "Verified by Visa" and MasterCard Worldwide "MasterCardSecureCode", the purpose of which is to provide safe and effective methods of payment in the Internet.

Do not confuse the 3D Secure technology with the CVV code (CVC), which is printed on the back of the card.
3D Secure - an additional fraud protection of your card.

If the bank issued your card supports 3D Secure, you will be redirected to the bank web-site to confirm the payment transaction with a one-time password.

One-time password can be used for one purchase only. SMS-message with a one-time password will be sent to the cardholder’s phone. Cardholder completes the special section with a password confirming that he is going to make a payment. This allows you to minimize the risk of fraud with your credit card.


In case of successful transaction the payment takes a few seconds.


You may pay by other people's cards or entrust someone with the transaction by your card.

But using other people's cards without sanction of сcardholder is illegal. We warn you of liability for fraud with bank cards. The paid booking will be canceled in case of cardholder’s statement about spoofing attack.

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