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Drinks and meals with boarding passes

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«RusLine» Airlines is constantly working on improvement of its service for passengers. Advanced technologies offer new solutions for development. This also applies to the automation of failure situations. In case of flight delay, the Airline does everything possible to make it easier for passengers to wait for departure. Providing about 50 passengers with everything they need in a short time is a difficult task.

Now, in case of delayed departure, you will not have to wait for vouchers for drinks and meals, as well as wait for an airline representative to check boarding passes, fill out vouchers, and answer numerous questions. Each passenger has a boarding pass with a unique number. After the announcement of the representative, passengers can immediately receive drinks and meals by showing their boarding pass at any cafe, restaurant, airport catering service connected to the KYFO network.

Passengers can easily find the list of available cafés and restaurants by using the QR-code, advertising materials at the airport or via the link https://kyfo.ru/choice/. The page lists cafés and restaurants that provide boarding pass catering services. At the moment, «RusLine» Airlines operates the service at the airports of Saint Petersburg, Moscow (Vnukovo), Yekaterinburg and Ufa. At the café, passengers show their boarding pass, then the cafeteria employee scans its code and gives out drinks and meals. It is simple and convenient, without queues and paperwork.

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