General rules

  • Check the gate number for boarding upon arrival at the airport on the display board.
  • If you are traveling with hand luggage only, you can directly go through the airport’s security procedures and follow to the gate for boarding.
  • If you are traveling with baggage, you shall check the baggage in at the appropriate check-in desk at the airport. The check-in closes 50 min before departure.(Baggage essentials)
  • If you are traveling in a group of 9 and more persons, please, address to the check-in desk at the airport.
  • We kindly ask you to give yourself enough time at the airport. Do not forget that you must go through a security check, as well as through customs formalities and passport control if you are travelling on an international flight. Boarding starts 40 minutes before departure time.
  • If you are unable to print your boarding pass, please contact any of the check-in desks for your flight at the airport or to a representative of "RusLine" airline not later than 50 minutes before departure.

Web check-in is available on schedule flights departing from:

Mineralnye Vody
Novy Urengoy
St. Petersburg

There are three steps to check-in on-line:

    • Searching the Passenger.
    • Checking-in and seat selection.
    • Issuing Boarding pass.

The system automatically controls the correctness of data entry at each step. If you have not entered all the data, or have entered it in the wrong format, an error message will be appeared.

When start check-in please refer to the terms for on-line check-in and airline’s regulations.

1. Searching the Passenger

Searching form (image #1).

Complete the appropriate sections with Your Surname, PNR or ticket number, date of departure in format (searching dates in the past is not allowed);

All sections are mandatory. The system automatically checks the correctness of data entry: a warning message will be appeared in case of incorrect format of data entry.

Image # 2- Complete the searching form. Click “Proceed to check-in” .

Image # 3 – Result of Searching.

For more details about time limits for web-check-in, check-in at the airport and boarding – click i

Information message will be appeared (Image # 4).

Image # 4 – Time limits for web-check-in, check-in at the airport and boarding.

To check-in click “Proceed to check-in”.

2. Checking-in and seat selection.

Image # 5 – Ñheck-in .

Here the information presented about: the Carrier, flight number, type of the aircraft; destination, date and time departure\arrival, date and time start\close web-check-in;

  • web-check-in status (OPEN / CLOSE / CHECK-IN AT THE AIRPORT ONLY);
  • Readiness for web-check-in (Passengers are not ready / Passengers are ready/ Passengers have checked-in).

To enquire for free baggage allowance mouse over icon "baggage" : pop-up window will be appeared with all the necessary information.

To check-in the next passenger\group of passengers:

  • Click “Back to search”. You will be back to page “Searching the passenger”.
  • Click “Change” right of the searching sections.
  • Enter new passenger’s data.
  • Click ”Search”.(refer to part 1).

To make web-check-in:

1) Click “To flight”, the check-in form will be opened (image# 6).

Image # 6 - Form for Check-in.

2) Click the passenger’s name for check-in.

Click any available seat in the cabin seat-chart to select it.

  • the seat will be marked as “Reserved”;
  • the seat number will be appeared in the section “Full name”;
  • Status will be changed to “Ready for check-in”;
  • “Check-in now” will be activate.

3. Issuing boarding pass.

After check-in is confirmed, “Boarding pass” page will be opened. (image # 7)

Image # 7 – “Boarding pass” page.

Click “Full name” section to open the passenger’s data. Click again “Full name” section to close the passenger’s data.

To change the selected seat:

  • Click seat number next to checked-in passenger’s name.
  • Click any available seat in the cabin seat-chart to select it. Image # 7.
  • Click “Safe” to confirm or “Cancel” to refuse.

Click “View the boarding pass” to look through it. There will be the pdf-file with the boarding pass in the stand-alone browser's window.

To e-mail pdf-file with the boarding pass:

1) Click “Send boarding passes” or click against any passenger’s name. Modal window will be appeared.(image#8)

.Image#8 - Send boarding passes.

2) Tick the passengers boarding passes you need to send.

3)Enter the e-mail address where the boarding passes should be sent to. You may click “Add the e-mail” to send to several addresses.

4)Click “Send” .

To print the boarding pass click “Print” against passenger’s name.


In case you need to cancel your web-check-in, please, refer to the instruction.