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"RusLine" Aviation Company offers an expanded system of services for its regular flights.

According to the class of service, «Economy» or «Premium» class, a passenger can choose the desired number of services and thereby the ticket price for the comfortable flight.

We know that our passengers have different demands for a flight. Some passengers need high-class service on board, whereas the others only need to get safe to their destination point without giving out too much money.

We hope you enjoy the trip with our airplanes! 

Economy, Bombardier CRJ 100/200

Pre-flight services

    • Free baggage allowance is up to 23 kg*
    • Free hand luggage allowance from 5 to 10 kg according to the chosen fare.

On-board services

    • Printed media on board
    • Soft drinks

- for "Light" fares baggage is not included in the price.

Premium-Economy, Bombardier CRJ 100/200

Pre-flight services

    • Free baggage allowance is 1 baggage piece up to 30 kg 
    • Free hand luggage allowance is up to 10 kg (with dimensions not exceeding 55*40*20 cm) that is not included in the free baggage allowance
    • Check-in at the «Business class» desk
    • Screening procedures at the airport without queues
    • Airport Business Lounge (if one is provided)
    • Individual transfer from the terminal to an aircraft

On-board services

    • Seat arrangement in the two front rows*
    • Extended meals and soft drinks menu

Post-flight services

    • Individual transfer from the aircraft to a terminal
* It is prohibited to sell tickets for passengers with infants without provision of a separate seat.

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