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Contract on air carriage

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Dear passengers!
Please be aware that information on the official airline’s website is the proper information to passengers on all essential terms of the contract on air carriage.


1.1. The contract on Air Carriage is fee-based actual adhesion contract.

1.2. When a passenger has purchased a ticket, he/she gives his/her consent to the terms,

 conditions and suggested route hereof.

1.3. The contract is certified by the passenger’s ticket and baggage check, of which these terms and notifications are a part.

1.4. Ticket configurations are as follows: paper ticket or itinerary receipt, if applicable, in case of an e-ticket.

1.3. The ticket is valid for the fight date and the flight specified in the unused flight coupons.

1.5. Prior confirmed booking is required for air carriage with «Open date ticket». Otherwise the Airline cannot guarantee the passenger’s acceptance on the flight, which the passenger has chosen for his/her air carriage, if seats are not available.

1.6. The ticket is accepted for air carriage in the order the flight coupons are issued. If a passenger has not used the space reserved for him/her in any portion of journey, the passenger shall inform the airline about his/her intention to continue his/her journey on the following segments of the route of travel. Otherwise the airline reserves the right to cancel passenger’s booking for further journey without prior notice to the passenger.

1.7. In case of ticket loss and/or its invalidity for journey, the ticket duplicate may be issued after prescribed penalty has been paid.
It is recommended to notify the airline in advance about the above mentioned cases (by number of our contact center 8-800-5555-800, 24 hours per day, Moscow time, calls on the territory of Russian Federation are free) and/or at the sales agency where the ticket was issued. The process of issuing the ticket duplicate requires not less than 24 hours.
In case of failure to keep these terms and issue the duplicate, the airline shall not be held responsible for probable consequences resulting from refusalto accept the passenger for transportation.

1.8. A passenger has a right to make a decision on his/her own whether he/she may use air transport based on his/her medical condition. A passenger shall inform the Carrier about any health restrains when he/she is booking a ticket. In some individual cases the Carrier may request a passenger to present medical authority certificate or/and undergo a medical examination, which confirms that air carriage is not contraindicated to such passenger.
A passenger with special needs shall inform the Carrier about his/her needs so that the Carrier and/or a handling company can provide him/her medical service at the departure/arrival airport.
In any case the Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to such passenger in accordance with the current legislation.
In case of aggravation of the passenger’s health during the flight, the Carrier shall have the right to levy charges against the passenger for incurred expenses resulted from forced landing or others. 

REMEMBER: inadequate assessment of the passenger’s health constitutes threat to his/her safety as well as for fellow passengers and crew members.
The Carrier shall not be liable for probable consequences resulting from air carriage: health aggravation, premature delivery, miscarriage, death and others except in cases of deliberate dangerous acts on the part of the airline.


2.1. At check-in a passenger shall present a flight ticket along with flight coupons which are valid for a specified date and destination. In case the ticket and/or the flight coupons are not available, such passenger shall not be accepted for the flight. All expenses (issuing a duplicate, purchasing a new flight ticket for full fare and others) are paid by the passenger.
The Airline shall not be liable for probable consequences in case of failure to comply with imposed requirement.
The Carrier recommends that passengers with electronic tickets should have the copy itinerary receipt about themselves to avoid any difficulties during pre-flight.

2.2. Check-in for a flight is performed on the basis of the identification document which was specified when issuing airline ticket.

2.3. Chech-in for “RusLine” flights is open one and a half hour prior to the departure time and is over 40 minutes prior to the departure time which is specified in the ticket.

2.3.1. A passenger arrived late for check-in or for boarding as well as a passenger who failed to submit documents required for carriage (a flight ticket, an identity document, a boarding pass and others) shall not be admitted to the air carriage on this flight. Such refusal for carriage shall be determined as voluntary.

2.4. A passenger boards the flight, specified in the boarding pass, on presentation of his/her original boarding pass with unused detachable section.

2.5. For avoidance any misunderstanding a passenger shall keep his/her boarding passes till the end of the air carriage.

2.5.1. The original boarding pass and the register receipt are mandatory when a business trip report is submitted.

2.5.2. In case of loss of the original boarding pass or in other cases requiring confirmation of authenticity of the journey, a passenger has a right to apply to the Carrier to be provided with such information on the terms of payment.

2.6. All documents which are mandatory for going through formalities (customs, immigration controls and others) at the airports of departure, arrival or any intermediate airports shall be issued by a passenger individually and on his/her own expenses.
The Carrier shall not be held responsible for any consequences if a passenger fails to comply with this requirement.

2.7. Citizens who reside on the territory of Russian Federation are obliged to gain and keep identity documents, documents confirming their legal stay on the territory of the state and other necessary documents.
The Airline shall not be liable to the passenger in case of loss or missing of documents required by the Law.


3.1. The time specified in the flight ticket or by alternate ways is local for each airport.

3.2. In case of any changes in the flight schedule the Carrier shall inform passengers on these changes by any effective means which include providing information to the official site www.rusline.aero

While booking a ticket a passenger shall provide his/her contact details. The Carrier shall not be liable to the passenger in case of failure to inform him/her on any flight changes if this has resulted from invalid passenger’s contact details or if any technical or other problems have arisen.
The Carrier shall not be liable for acts or omissions from the part of sales agents who book an air flight ticket if there is no treaty relations between the Carrier and the agent(s) (authority to represent the carrier’s interests is not delegated).

3.3. Passenger transportation to the point of destination (according to the Contract on air carriage) by more than one Carrier but on the same air flight document is treated as a single operation irrespective of whether there are any stopovers on route or not. The Carrier shall not be liable for connections between flights in case an air carriage cannot be treated as a single operation.

3.4. In case of any changes in the flight schedule the Carrier shall transport a passenger at the point of destination on other Carrier’s flights or make refund for unperformed carriage (penalties are not imposed).


4.1. For delay in transportation of a passenger, baggage or cargo to the point of destination the Carrier shall pay a penalty at the rate of twenty five percent of the minimum monthly wage specified by the federal Law for each hour of delay and no more than fifty percent of the freight charge if it proves that the delay has been caused by force majeure, repair of aircraft trouble that jeopardized life or health of air passengers, or other circumstances beyond Carrier’s control.
Note: 1 Minimum monthly wage is equal 100 roubles according to the Federal Law dated from 19.06.2000 № 82-ФЗ “On minimum monthly wage”.

4.2. For loss and shortage to baggage after it has been taken for air carriage under responsibility of the Carrier, the Airline shall pay compensation in the following amounts:

    • 600 roubles per one kilogram of lost and/or damaged baggage on domestic routes.
    • 20 USA dollars (at the rate of Central bank of the Russian Federation on the date the carriage is performed) per one kilogram of the weight on international routes
A passenger has a right to insure his/her baggage, applying to any insurance company at his/her own choice.


4.3. TheCarrier shall not be responsible for safety of passenger’s belongings when they are under passenger’s responsibility (hand luggage).

4.4. Rules, terms and other conditions of lodging claims are available on web-site of the Airline.

4.5. Should the carriage has been interrupted through the fault of the Carrier and also in case of flight delay, cancellation or changing the route of carriage due to unfavourable weather conditions, technical or other issues, the Carrier shall be responsible for arranging the following services at the points of departure or intermediate airports considering technical facilities of the airport):

    • provide a baby-care room for a passenger travelling with a child under 7 years of age;
    • two telephone calls or two e-mail messages if the delay is longer than two hours;
    • provide soft beverages if the delay is longer than two hours;
    • provide hot meal if the delay is longer than four hours and further every six hours in the day time and every eight hours at night time;
    • provide hotel accommodation if the delay is longer than eight hours in the day time and longer than six hours at night time;
    • provide hotel accommodation if the delay is longer than eight hours in the day time and longer than six hours at night time;
    • provide storage of baggage.
All services listed in this clause are at no extra charge to passengers.



5.1. A passenger has a right to voluntarily refuse his/her air travel at any time prior to the flight departure upon notice of the Carrier about his/her decision. Air space booking shall be cancelled and returned to the system.

5.2. In case of voluntary cancellation more than 24 hours before check-in end time for the flight, a passenger shall be refunded a full cost of unused carriage except as the otherwise is provided in the Carrier’s Fare Rules.
In case the cancellation is made later than the required terms, penalties may be applied in accordance with the current Fare Rules. The Carrier and a passenger have a right to.

5.3. Passenger’s refusal of flight shall be recognized asinvoluntaryin case:

    • departure is delayed against the schedule or the flight indicated in the air traffic document is cancelled by the Carrier;
    • the Carrier changes the route of travel;
    • the Carrier re-schedules a flight to another time;
    • the Carrier fails to provide seats according to the Class, flight and date indicated in the traffic document;
    • the Carrier fails to ensure connection in case of a single operation;
    • sudden disease of the passenger or sudden disease or death of his/her family member, accompanying the passenger on the flight, as confirmed by medical documents. These events shall start before the air carriage on each flight segment, specified in the flight ticket, has commenced.
    • Air travel document is incorrectly completed by the Carrier or its authorized agent.
The Carrier may recognize passenger’s refusal of flight as involuntary also in other cases.


5.4. In case of involuntary refusal of the carriage, the Carrier shall refund to the passenger the full cost of the unused carriage.

5.4.1. Involuntary refund shall be payed within one-year period after the date, on which the traffic document was issued, if the carriage was not commenced. If the carriage has been commenced the refund shall be made within a year after the commencement of the carriage.

5.5. The Carrier has a right to terminate an air carriage contract in accordance with unilateral provisions if:

    1. The passenger, the consignor or the freight owner fails to comply with passport, customs, sanitary or other requirements established by the air carriage laws with of the Russian Federation with respect to international air transportation as well as the rules established by the respective authorities in the country of departure, destination or transit.
    2. The passenger, the consignor or the freight owner fails to comply with requirements established in the federal aviation rules.
    3. The aircraft passenger’s health status requires special air carriage conditions or endangers security of this passenger or other persons, which is proved by medical records, or creates disorder or unavoidable inconvenience to other persons.
    4. The passenger refuses to pay for the carriage of the baggage with the weight exceeding set free baggage allowance.
    5. The passenger refuses to pay for the carriage of the child accompanying him/her except as otherwise provided in sub-item 3 of item 2 of article 106 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.
    6. The aircraft passenger violates the rules of conduct on board the aircraft posing the threat to the aircraft flight security or threat to life or health of other persons; or the passenger does not follow any of the commander’s instructions given in the accordance with article 58 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.
    7. There are restricted articles or substances in the passenger’s belongings, baggage or cargo.

5.5.1. In case the Carrier has terminated the air carriage of a passenger following his/her violations of the rules of conduct on board the aircraft posing the threat to the aircraft flight security or threat to life or health of other persons; or the passenger does not follow any of the commander’s instructions, the carriage service cost will not be refunded to the passenger.

5.6. The Airline does not make a refund for a charter flight (in the flight document it is defined as “CHARTER, ЧАРТЕР, IT).

5.7. Money paid for the air carriage shall be refunded according to the general regulations at the place of the air ticket purchase, except when the ticket was issued vie website of “RusLine”.

Note: This service may be additionally charged by the agency providing air carriage refund. This information is provide don your inquiry.

All tickets (except subcategories Y and Z) are considered to be non-refundable after departure, BUT if the passenger has cancelled the booked space before departure, refund will be available in different subcategories).

Air carriage refund is performed on the ground of unused (partially used) air carriage document where flight coupons are not used, miscellaneous charges order, excess baggage receipt, miscellaneous charges receipt to the person, specified in the air carriage document, which proves the passenger’s identity.

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