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List of inquiry services provided:

    • statement of carriage under an air ticket;
    • statement of rout diversion;
    • statement of cause, time of delay or change of departure time;
    • statement of cause of flight cancellation;
    • information about the total orthodromic route length;
    • statement of cost of an air ticket which was actually used for carriage (minimum and maximum rate);
    • statement of purchase\ cancellation of an air ticket which was booked via JS Rusline representative;
    • statement of ticket refund;
    • statement of cost of each leg;
    • statement of applicable discounts;
    • statement of stopover (non-reported transfer, tech stop, other);
    • statement of regular fares (economy and business) at certain date.

Inquiry submission timeframe is limited by 14 days of receipt of an application filed in the manner prescribed.

The following statements cannot be provided even on a paid basis:

    • Statement of other airlines flights including interline partners of JC Rusline Airlines,
    • Statement of cost of any leg different from the routing shown in the ticket,
    • Statement of information in respect of third parties, except for reasons in accordance with Russian Legislation (The Federal law 27.06.06 ¹ 152-FL "On personal data”),
    • Statement of cost of fares - IT, ID, CHARTER, as well as of charter flights with non-indicated price,
    • Statement of an indefinite/General information (route network, all fares, etc.),
    • Statement of Charter programs - subagent (with the exception of the passengers of this flight), partners, the confidential terms of contracts and agreements, and other similar information,
    • Statement of cost of fares over the Russian Federation in the international flight,
    • Statement of fares setting,
    • Statement of quote of each fare for each class of service,
    • Statement of method of payment,
    • Statement of issuance of a duplicate boarding pass,
    • Statement of issuance of a duplicate of ticket (post-flight or date of transport has expired). To issue a duplicate paper ticket, the passenger must contact the Agency issued the lost ticket.

In case of failure to provide information in connection with the provision by the applicant of false, inaccurate information, a request shall be considered; refund is not available.

In the case of obtaining a paid one inquiry that contains more than two questions to answer, but not paid as prescribed, the Airline provides the answer to the first question of the request.

Refund is not available in case of non-response request if the question is incorrect in accordance with the published rules as well as charged amount cannot be in payment for any next requests.

The agent who provides answer and issues the certificate is responsible for the timeliness, completeness, reliability and legitimacy of information.

From April 1, 2018 the certificate with the information request from above will be issued against the fee 500 RUB for individuals and 650 RUB for entities (all fees include VAT 18%).

From April 1, 2018 urgent issue of a certificate for passengers with the information request from above in two working days will be done against the fee 1000 RUB for individuals and 1300 RUB for entities (all fees include VAT 18%).

The certificate on flight delay or cancellation is issued for free and upon request per E-mail: spravka@rusline.aero.


Certificate is issued on the letterhead of the Airline signed by the head of the Transport management service or the person replacing him in the manner prescribed.

Legal entity is sent an invoice and the certificate of rendered services at the end of the reporting period. The act signed by the applicant should be sent to the address of the carrier (JC "Rusline") not later than three working days of receipt in any way with the obligatory sending of the original.

Become privy to request is available by addressing to: spravka@rusline.aero.

Certificate is valid to whom it may concern (including accounting department). Period of validity is unlimited.

The form and content of certificates is not subject to the mandatory requirements of the legislator: reference is made in free form and contains the answer to the question.

The airline is not liable in case of applicant’s disagreement with issued certificate, with the form, content and other registration information.

Certificate can be obtained personally at the address: Moscow, Dorogobuzhskaya str., 14, building 1. In advance of readiness by sending a request to: spravka@rusline.aero


Issuing of reference information (hereinafter – certificate) in the manner prescribed to passengers and/or other persons will be charged a fee, the amount of which is established by Order of the General Director of Airline No. 57-dated 31.08.2011, and for the issuance of a certificate of time-urgent inquiry by Order of the General Director of the Airline No. 67 On 26.10.2011 g.

    • Each certificate for individuals is charged as well as for juridical entity.
    • Separate statement may contain the answer to one question in relation to one person 2 years old plus.
    • Statement for the person under 2 years old is available free together with statement for person accompanying.
    • Separate statement for person under 2 years old must be charged in according to the manner prescribed.
    • Each separate statement must be charged in the manner prescribed. One invoice is available for several persons together with an indication of full Name; One invoice is available for some inquiries in regard to same person and same flight.
    • Inquiry services are provided free of charge for federal legislative and executive authorities.
    • Payment is made to the bank account of Airlines.


Each inquiry shall contain the following information:

    • Full name of the person in respect of which request is made;
    • Passport data (certificate of birth);
    • Contacts;
    • Address for reply;
    • Date;
    • Flight number;
    • Destination;
    • The subject of request.

Each individual can request information only about his\her personal travel or a person in respect of whom he recognized as the legitimate representative under civil and family law. This fact should be documented.

A legal entity may request information only in respect of persons consisting with it in labor and other similar relations, with the application supporting documents (business trip orders, a copy of employment record, etc.).

A legal entity draws up a request on letterhead with signature and seal of the company.

Each inquiry shall contain the following information:

    • Full name of the person in respect of which request is made;
    • Passport data (certificate of birth);
    • Contacts;
    • Address for reply;
    • Date;
    • Flight number;
    • Destination;
    • The subject of request;
    • The documents confirming the existence of an employment relationship.

The federal legislative and executive authorities entitled to request information concerning any person within their jurisdiction.

Each legislative inquiry shall contain the following information:

    • File number;
    • Full name of the person in respect of which request is made;
    • Passport data (certificate of birth).

The request must be signed by an authorized person.

The signed inquiry (if necessary – print) are sent to the Airline by the Russian post to one of the following addresses:

    • 121354, Moscow, Dorogobuzhskaya Street, 14, P4, 3 Sub-star, Office 101
    • spravka@rusline.aero.
    • Via representative of JC Rusline Airlines.

Requests via email should allow establishing the identity of the applicant. E-mails shall be considered requests in the format of *PDF, *JÐEG, *TIF. The image must be clear.

The certificate is issued in the name of the person sending the request indicated in the application method: mail, email, Fax sending, personal delivery.

Inquiry shall be attached with:

    • Invoice with bank notes – for individuals and juridical entity.
    • The documents confirming the right legal representative - for individuals.
    • Documents confirming labor/other relationship - for juridical entity.
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